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A very belated salutation!


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Hello! Only, uhm. Eight months late?


In an effort to remember to use this lovely website more and be less a bashful lurker, I thought I would make a hello-post.


I'm Khoba, I play snarky dirt-cat Khoba Lhyr on Balmung! Some people might know me from playing Feyrin on Tera and I apologize in advance for the whiplash it may cause if you knew sweet Fey and now have to adjust to jerkass Khoba.


I have a wiki set up for Kho (here!), and stuck some footnotes at the bottom which I will reiterate below since it maybe covers the points these sort of posts usually do?


I'm very friendly! I can be fairly shy about initiating RP but I'm always eager and happy to reciprocate! If you see me feel free to say hello, or I can be found on the RPC and Enjin as Khoba (though I am terrible about checking the former.)



I love to RP and to write and draw and encourage everyone to approach me if anything with Kho seems appealing; I am always be open to ideas and while I don't know the lore terribly well I will always be willing to help with a story. If anyone is ever in need of a healer, a sparring partner, a drinking buddy, a scapegoat, or anything I very much would love to meet you and your characters and get up to some trouble!


Though I tend to try and keep my own RP light and I enjoy Khoba being a sort of comic-relief type, by no means am I at all opposed to more serious or darker/deeper plots. Fairly easygoing, and I'm really open for almost any RP anyone wants to throw in Khoba's direction; slice-of-life, violence, silliness, adult-themes, have at! Never hurts to ask. “Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed."


I very much love providing a side or support character to help others pursue their stories, and if you can get past all the sass and snark I promise Khoba's not so bad. Maybe.


So if you see me about I promise I'm probably not busy because I'm horrendously lazy and you should definitely feel free to say hello!



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