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... so, um, hello! :D


I'm Keerith. I've done a lot of RP in my days and played a lot of MMOs; lately I've been RPing in Wildstar and a few of the people I know there are hanging around here somewhere. I just recently came back to FFXIV, and I am really looking forward to getting to know the characters that live here.


Hmm... other stuff...


I'm a pretty chill cat, it's hard to get my fur too ruffled up. Whenever I'm logged in I'm usually at least half IC and almost always ready to be 'on'. I remembered hearing about this place back in the 1.0 beta days, although I wasn't heavily into RP in my MMO's back then, and hopefully I can find a nice RP group for my Miqo sailor-turned-adventurer to settle into.

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