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  1. Lori-Nasharia

    Emotional distress from RP

    A lot of the time we are too afraid to say something in case we hurt that persons feelings. But I agree with Faye and everyone else communication is the key to everything when comes to roleplaying. You have to be able to talk OOC even more than IC, and the aching feeling that sometime might be wrong is always in the back of our minds. Don't be disheartened by what happened take it as a lesson and try to not let it effect you further. I am sure you are a lovely person and will have plenty of people willing to RP with you! Good luck!
  2. Lori-Nasharia

    balmung Studying Physician looking for connections

    UPDATE More than happy to meet new people still, Lori as a character has grown a fair bit since I first put something on here. Aside from her studies she is helping out as a doctor where ever she can. She has opened up a adventure tavern which also helps with adventurers who need care and medical attention. She also has a small tea area for those with children or wish to meet others with the same. She is often in Mists now that her company has their new home all set and ready or Lavender beds since she lives there when away from the Tavern. I really hope I can meet more people and RP more often look forward to anyone who wishes to talk more about ideas or potential plots!
  3. Lori-Nasharia

    Art and Commission (open)

    SO it has been a while! I Do have some updates on my art work which I will be putting here commissions have changed a tad but I do have that all set.
  4. Lori-Nasharia

    balmung Studying Physician looking for connections

    So been long time since I posted here but I am still looking for people to RP with, thought a lot of things have changed for my character the main one is the fact shes now running a Adventure Tavern in the Goblet. Am still looking for people who are willing to teach her more about magic and the likes of. More than happy to talk to anyone and try and sort something out open to ideas and plots!
  5. My main character runs a delivery company where she is sour need of someone with the same skills she has. Aside from that shes a widow and in a sad way also, she doesnt drink but she does bake some awesome cakes which are good for sobbing and nomming on! More than happy to invite you into our small grow steady growing numbers.
  6. Lori-Nasharia

    Redwings Inc

    [align=center]Redwings Inc [/align] For all your delivery needs and desires! We ship by sea and air along with caravans that are all guarded with the best young men and women this side of the ocean! If you need something moved or delivered we got the man power to do it and get it down! [align=center]What is Redwings?[/align] Redwings is a small collection of people who work together to ensure we all have the best experience possible. We often tend to keep our numbers small but open our RP events to those outside of the FC. However we first and for most aim for our members happiness first. We offer a warm friendly environment for your character story and themselves to grow. With a relaxed atmosphere and welcoming discord where everyone can get to know one another and share ideas. We are open to concepts and development for you and your character and wish to help you further what you want in the game.
  7. Hey Rona, If you are interesting Redwings is currently looking for captains in order to help with their airship deliveries. We also have events planned an online site and much more in the works. Though our FC is coming out of some down time we would be more than happy to take on new people with unique caliber. If you are interested just give me a poke! We can sort something out!
  8. Lori-Nasharia

    balmung New Player Seeking Playdates for Kids

    Poor Mik’hal you are welcome at Redwings company if you ever feel like dropping a line and giving me a poke door is always welcome to you. Lori tends to love helping people.
  9. Lori-Nasharia

    Greetings From A New (MMO) RPer

    Welcome to the game and the server and I hope you enjoy yourself. Honestly some of the most fruitful RP can be found here and some really amazing people so dont be scared to poke people!
  10. Lori-Nasharia

    balmung Introduction to Balmung (LF RP Contacts)

    Welcome there and I hope your stay is awesome. If are more than welcome to contact me for further Rp and storyline stuff always looking for more to join in. My characters you can find the names below
  11. Lori-Nasharia

    ☆Event☆ The Siren and Sage's Iron Chef

    I will be there! Will you?!
  12. Lori-Nasharia

    balmung Another newbie looking for RP friends!

    Welcome to final fantasy, hope you will enjoy yourself there are some really amazing and lovely people around to get to know. You are more than welcome to drop me a line anytime you wish to chat or RP!
  13. Lori-Nasharia

    balmung Tiny Elezen looking for RP friends!

    You are more than welcome to hit up any of my characters since well Suyi tends to be around anywhere and Lori I imagine would be someone that may be more interesting either way your welcome to message me
  14. Martiallais never met you but I am sure you are one amazing person and perhaps we will meet in the future! With a name like that you can't be anything but awesome sauce!
  15. Lori-Nasharia

    A New Cat in Town

    Hey there and welcome to Balmung! Feel free to give me a poke anytime you want to Rp