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:thumbsup: With new players arriving on the server, Jenova RP community is steadily expanding. This linkshell aims to bring together all players and Free Companies on the Jenova server who involve the Role Play element of Final Fantasy XIV. If you are on the server and enjoy playing in-character, you're welcome to join us. Or if you are looking for a free server to make an alt on for Role Play, you're just as welcomed here.


:D Due to the growing size of the Jenova RP community, a second RP linkshell has been created to accommodate even more people. For an invite into either one or both, contact any of the following Linkshell leaders;


(Linkshell) Jenova Roleplay: Lei Ashi, X'salyk Vhukura, Bhayaar Qestir, Lucy Ambers, Anna Molly or Rustam Sumerki.


(Linkshell) Jenova Roleplayers: Lucy Ambers, Yuuki Ambers, Kekvit Irae or Anna Molly.


See Also: Amber Investigations FC WebsiteReclamations RP FC Website and Jenova RP Directory (Images)


Rules (Please read)


The linkshell is for organising roleplay scenes and/or RP events. Rules are simple. Be nice when talking to people, and keep the language clean. When/if the conversations get spammy, do feel free to change tabs.


The aim of the LS is to enable more open roleplay, so if you are in an RP mood, ask in here for company. If its adult themes please keep discussions of such private. We can only fit so many people, so there is a 1-character per player limit. Thank you and see you in-character.

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Season 3: The Curious Case of the Three Giants (Player-made Story Quests)


With the start of a new year, Jenova's self-contained community plots start anew with Season 3, as I call it. Storyboarding for the new plot is already underway, and is penned to begin proper on February 5th. The story campaign is expected to include camping and travel RP across Twelveswood, Coerthas, Mor Dhona, Thanalan and La Noscea.


*The plot may be ongoing for some months, so updates will be posted here. Due to the criminal nature of the antagonists of the story, do expect some combat RP as well as investigative, with clues given by DM.

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Amber Dramaturgy invites you to the Valentione Poetry Nights!


Monday, Tuesday February 1st & 2nd (7pm EST/4pm PST until late @ Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 1 /tell Lucy Ambers)


Join in with your own poetry, song, fortune reading or other performance. Open bar and diner. Lets make it a good show. :)

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[align=left]Duty summons to aid Amber Investigations on behalf of the Eorzean Alliance.


Quest Objectives:

Search the La Cosa Nostra manor for clues.

Ascertain whereabouts of the missing person.

Search for, locate and/or rescue the victim.


Quest Contact: Sir Oscar Ambers, Flames HQ, Uldah[/align]

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Case Files, Lucy's Diary



It all began with a wide-eyed girl and a porcelain tea pot. It was rare that I would be invited to the main office, but on this occasion, Sir Oscar sent for me to witness the case request. It was a cold night in Lavender Beds, the winds outside howled through the woods with an eerie pitch, rattling the rain-soaked windows of Ambers manor. There was a storm coming, and it filled me with a chilling sense of foreboding.


“Take a seat Lucy” was all the greeting my uncle offered as I entered his office. The client was a Miqo’te female, long cyan blue hair to match sea green eyes. She sat with ears drooped, long slender fingers wrapped around a hot cup of Doman tea served in porcelain gaiwan, a tear-soaked handkerchief folded under her palm. I realised I knew this woman. Elincia Rose, eighteen-year old, teenage daughter of the infamous mobster, Don Carmine. She claimed her father was missing, for several days by now. This was not surprising. The mafia dealt in shady business and illegal peddling, yet somehow evade suspicion from local authorities. If one could call the Brass Blades of Thanalan anything of a proper law-enforcement body.


To my dismay, my uncle accepted the case. I fail to understand why. We needn’t the fee, nor the ill repute of associating with criminals to aid in finding another criminal likely kidnapped by more criminals. Lady Rose, if one could call her a lady, finished her tea and made leave. I was tasked to travel with her to her home in the Thanalan housing district, the Goblet. Bland expanse of sand and canyon rocks. I felt stained by the dusty wind trapping dirt in my hair, and the thick musky filth of the nearby sin city of Ul’dah clogged at my nostrils.


The bird-drawn carriage ride was awkward. Though she were around my age, I refused to speak to, or engage eye-contact with the client, yet, the experience only grew more uncomfortable as I entered La Cosa Nostra, the mafia home. It appears this was a family largely of male AuRa. The horned draconian monsters from the Far East. Evil-eyed refugees who I had thought and hoped, were held concentrated in the desert somewhere along with the drug-addled Ala Mhigans plaguing Ul’dah.


My loathing for this case was growing by the hour. My job was to inspect the Mafioso’s home for clues of his whereabouts, and question the staff. As expected, I was denied access to most rooms. Too many skeletons and lot of cupboards. It didn’t take long before I called it a day. I hated being there and even the servants hardly co-operated. As always, no one tends to take a scrawny eighteen-year old kid too seriously in matters of criminal investigations. I would need aid, and Sir Oscar had permitted the recruitment of Grand Company allied adventurers.

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>> Conversation Log: 19th Sun, 1st Umbral Moon. Home of Lyna Malien, Maid Servicer.


Lucy Ambers: "Pray, let us take seat"

Lucy Ambers removes her helmet and places it on the green rug, crossing her legs.

Lucy Ambers: "I have grave news."


Eretria Mist: Oh?

Eretria Mist is overcome with worry.


Lucy Ambers gestures to the remaining seat, for her cousin.


Hugo Ambers: "I'm fine standing."


Lucy Ambers: "This may be news to you too Hugo. Sir Oscar was hospitalised earlier in the week."


Hugo Ambers: "How?"


Eretria Mist is overcome with worry.

Eretria Mist: Oh no!


Lucy Ambers: "He lead a team of adventurers against a Garlean camp in La Noscea... where Don Carmine was revealed to have been held."


Eretria Mist: Garleans took him?


Hugo Ambers's eyes begin to well up.


Lucy Ambers: "Don Carmine was successfully rescued, but Hugo... your father, he sustained heavy injury to the lower limbs, third degree burns to his legs and abdomen."


Hugo Ambers: "Can I see him?"


Eretria Mist: Oh no!


Lucy Ambers: "He is being treated by arcanima at Limsa Lominsa. Of course you may visit him. I... I do not know how to bring this news to aunt Lilliane."


Hugo Ambers: "Allow me to."


Lucy Ambers: "Will you tell her.. I have not seen her all week."

Lucy Ambers nods.


Hugo Ambers: "I will speak to her later today, she has been spending much time in the Goblet."


Lucy Ambers nods to Hugo.


Lucy Ambers: "Of the adventurers recruited to lend aid to our investigation Miss Eretria, you proved a most valuable person"


Eretria Mist smiles.

Eretria Mist: Thank you

Eretria Mist: That is most kind.


Lucy Ambers: "I am of want to extend to you a permanent position as an Ambers Investigator in training, alas, this current case seems to grow colder each day."


Eretria Mist: An investigator?  Me?


Lucy Ambers remains silent, and offers simply a nod.


Eretria Mist: I...I don't know what to say...are you sure I am qualified?


Lucy Ambers: "Qualification is not much of it, save the talent for deduction, which I find luminescent within you."


Eretria Mist smiles.

Eretria Mist: Well...um...yes, I would love to do this


Lucy Ambers nods. "Don Carmine is unable to provide much information concerning his abduction, and none of his kidnappers were captured alive."


Eretria Mist: That doesn't give a lot to go on

Eretria Mist: Maybe something could be found at the camp?  Something left behind?


Lucy Ambers: "Indeed. We are yet none the wiser as to the reason the Garleans would want the man, and alive."

Lucy Ambers seems lost in thought.


Eretria Mist nods.

Eretria Mist: It wasn't a ransom, but there must have been something they were after

Eretria Mist: How did your Uncle learn that he was being held by them, and the location of the camp?


Lucy Ambers: "Sir Oscar's team held a rescue operation, but it is likely they may have paid attention to clues on the site indeed. I wonder if your father might have information for us after all, cousin."


Hugo Ambers: "likely."


Eretria Mist: That may be important to know

Eretria Mist: And am i right to understand that the Don does not know why he was taken?


Lucy Ambers looks to Eretria. "There was an carriageman held under arrest in connection with the assassin, Alice Blade."


Eretria Mist: Oh?  Alice had an accomplice?


Lucy Ambers: "Possibly, but we're not sure. According to the Maelstrom guards, the driver confessed to having, at knife-point, as he claims, ferried a woman fitting the description of Alice Blade, and one unconscious man, who was masked under a sack, to the Garlean base Castrum Occidens"

Lucy Ambers looks to her cousin. "That's the one north of Costa del Sol, in Eastern La Noscea."


Eretria Mist: And then she remembered leaving that syringe behind and returned to get it


Lucy Ambers: "Sloppy for her, fortuitous for us."


Eretria Mist: There isn't a lot to go on.  Looking at the camp is the best lead

Eretria Mist: If the Don does not know what they wanted with him, that means either he doesn't know, or that he doesn't want to say.  I would imagine he is kind of a private man


Lucy Ambers: "Indeed."

Lucy Ambers: "The obvious concern here is, though Rose's father has been brought back to her, the Garleans will continue to plot. And heavens protect us if another Garlean plot is allowed to fruition."


Eretria Mist nods

Eretria Mist: Finding out why they took him is the key.  It must have been linked to the Don somehow.  Otherwise....no, there really isn't much to support another idea

Eretria Mist seems lost in thought.

Eretria Mist: *mumbles* can't really connect that without evidence

Eretria Mist: What happened to your Uncle during the attack?


Lucy Ambers: "T'would seem we have a plan then. Until such time as Sir Oscar wakes to give instruction, we have three avenues to seek a new lead. Question the Don, victim or co-conspirator, for what reason was he abducted. Second, revisit the imprisoned carriageman who aided the fallen assassin, Alice Blade, and three... plan of action to infiltrate Castrum Occidens, in search of other clues. This will require a sizable force and careful planning, so I suggest we focus on our other sources until we are ready to face the Garleans."


Eretria Mist nods


Lucy Ambers: "Hugo, will you stay with Sir Oscar and when he is well, alert us, so we may collect any information from him? Detective Mist, consult with the Maelstrom guard of Limsa Lominsa and question the suspected carriageman. I shall see to the Don and his daughter Rose."


Eretria Mist smiles.

Eretria Mist nods.


Hugo Ambers nods.


Eretria Mist: I will head there right away


Lucy Ambers: "We shall converge again at Ambers Manor in three days, with information gathered."


Eretria Mist: Ok


Hugo Ambers: "Got it."


Lucy Ambers stands, nodding to Hugo. "Now where is that Lyna Malien. Her maid service is required at Ambers Manor, post haste. Just as it is to be expected from these dim-witted Aura. Someone, find her, and have her see to me at once."

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Case Files 02, Lucy's Diary



Sir Oscar had permitted the recruitment of Grand Company allied adventurers. Some were veterans I knew from the Reclamation United organisation, the company that trained seasoned or retired heroes into new combat and crafting industries. Or so they say. I had my suspicions, true, yet investigations yielded no evidence to charges laid and thus was I forced to close. I have since grown to respect and admire the veterans of the company, for their services to the realm and myself both. On this day they proved invaluable once again, and did search the home of Don Carmine vigorously.



Traces of sleeping potions were discovered by Kazarien and Bharyaar, coupled with an injection device found by Eretria Mist. A maid happened in during our search, and upon sight of us did she panick, arousing suspicion to my keen detective senses. Overcome by scrutiny, she fled, and of course, we followed. The chase brought us to the Quiveron Manse, where this suspicious maid, a Hyurran woman, was given refuge by the leaderless Lalafelin gang, once followers of the self proclaimed Baron Von Quiveron III Esquire, now dead.



A pack of goalless jackals who plague on the residents of Lost Hope, it was quite the shock to learn of their involvement with this plot. The suspicious maid, seeking escape through a burrowed tunnel under the Quiveron sheds, fell to her death, the weapon found on her person, a dagger with projectile mechanism for injection needles, identified her as the hired assassin Alice Blade, born Allison Blake. Remains of the self same sleeping potion discovered by Kazarien was found engaged in the weapon, so tested for deadly poisons, by the daring Vash Marlboro. Fortunately, he lived, giving hope to Lady Rose that Don Carmine yet breaths.



Our clues now remained two. Inspecting the dagger to trace the origin of the potions within, and also to locate any known contacts of the deceased assassin, for information on the kidnapping. One such affiliate confessed to hiring a carriageman for a job with the assassin, but he knew little else of the killer's task. The carriageman was found and arrested, upon which he divulged the route and passengers of the journey in question, where did ferry a masked woman and unconscious man from Thanalan to La Noscea, specifically to Castrum Occidens, a Garlean base.



Thereforth a cross-company Alliance taskforce was raised, led by Sir Oscar, lead invstigator, to find and rescue the missing Ul'dhan businessman. Don Carmine was indeed successfully rescued and returned to the waiting arms of his daughter. Yet, presumably shocked and still striken by the ordeal, the Carmine family wish not to aid further to the purpose of the kidnapping. For this reason, we are to question the carriageman further, while a plan to infiltrate Castrum Occidens again is yet hatched.

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[align=center]Updated Rules of the Jenova LS


1.] The Jenova Casual Corner is designed with the intent for general chatter, finding help with content, crafting, RP, or gathering.


- If you ask for help, and nobody responds or they are busy, do not take it personally.

- Noting that this is a casual LS, please keep talks of Savage Mode or Extreme Mode content to a minimum.


2.] If you have a problem with a person breaking the rules, address it with a moderator in private.


- Moderators are to enforce rules and or put forth moderations on chat in private, in the case of multiple individuals or a serious violation of rules, in the Linkshell.


3.] Violation of the rules on a repeat basis will result in a discussion with you on a personal level by the Linkshell leader and at least one moderator.


- On 2 Violations; Warning

- On 3 Violations; Final Warning

- On 4 Violations; Linkshell Removal


- Violations roll off every 6 RL months from the date they are given.


4.] No Negativity.

- Clearly defined as no griping about the game and it's content in public.

- No discouraging people from persuing grinds or end-game content that many may consider difficult or bad-mouthing there of.

- No jokes about one's RL Race, Nationality, Sexuality, Creed, Religion, or Gender Identity.

- No airing your dirty laundry or arguing in the LS.


5.] No Spoilers

- This is in regards to any content locked behind, or, part of Main Story quest progression.

- This is also in regards to any Raids or Content part of a new patch until 4 Weeks after it's release, in which the new content will fall under the judgement of "Is it part of MSQ?", which if it is, then it is considered a spoiler.

- This does not protect against "spoilers" regarding Dungeons and their mechanics from anything in A-Realm-Reborn.

- This does not protect from spoilers in other media, such as TV Shows, Books, or Games outside of FF14. It may be rude, but the moderation of this Linkshell will not step in unless somebody is just blatantly being an asshole.


6] Treat One Another With Respect.

- PRetty much sums itself up. IF a person is being a jerk, they will be dealt with by a moderator. If you have a problem with a person and the way they are talking to you, bring it up with a moderator, don't try to handle it yourself.


7.] If you have a suggestion or a problem with the Linkshell leader, then you address the Linkshell Leader along with a Moderator in private via a party or some other form of communication.

- This rule is implemented due to the fact that not everyone agrees with leadership all the time and that everyone needs accountability. Even Me [Achana]


8.] Have fun.

- If I have to explain this, I lost all faith in humanity..


Phrase: Sabotender Snuggling is your own business. :cactuar:[/align]

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The first show went ahead as planned, despite the holidays, but has been cut short. Part 2 shall see a repeat of the scenario with new roles and players to help continue the story apace and encourage audience participation! Thanks to those who turned up and thanks to Sakuya for a fun event! See you next week :)

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I was somewhat disappointed as a new player that it was very difficult to create a character on one of the primary RP servers.  Having found this thread, I rolled on Jenova and I have to tell you the people there are great.  If you are looking for fun group to RP with consider coming to Jenova and joining this Linkshell!

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Case Files 007, Lucy's Diary


Not a moon ago, Twin Adders received reports from the Woodwailers of Fallgourd Float, regarding mysterious disappearances of local workers. Amber Investigations were called in as specialists in missing persons. We discovered faint traces of aetherial taints in three locations where workers had last been seen. Finder's Bluff, Florentel's Spire and The Bobbing Cork. Since then, a Hearer from Stillglade Fane has been investigating the origin of the taints. Last night, the bodies of two of the three missing persons were found in Peacegarden, by a Woodwailer patrol out of Hyrstmill. The bodies were drained of all aetherial energies. One miner and a janitor at the Fallgourd Float inn.


We still have one missing person. Lieutenant Archebald of the Wood wailers. Our primary objective is to work closely with Conjurer Ishengard from Stillglade Fane in understanding the nature of these taints. Ishengard believes Hyrstmill to be the central staging ground of the forces behind these disappearances, and fears an impending attack. Our secondary objective, is to lend aid defending the people of Hyrstmill, should the town come under harm.

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