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  1. Hopefully not too late to sign up for antlings.
  2. Event A Friday March 23, 8:00 est Location: Coerthas Western Highlands Something something doomsday, something something end of the world. Reports of a strange keeper of the moon in coerthas running a cult that teaches end of the world doctrine has been on the rise. Especially with the changes Ishgard has gone through during the final chorus of the dragonsong war. Followers are extremely secretive and hard to find. While there have been no signs of violence from his followers, the fact that he is entrancing young Ishgardians to apostisize from Halone. More con
  3. It's a fairly rainy night and the quicksand is quite abuzz with life. At one table a Thaumaturge Lalafell sat sharing a drink with his Flame highlander and keeper adventurer friends. "I swear my job is hard enough as it is." Papapara Dodopara said with a scowl his mustache twitching back and forth to give the appearance he was dusting his upper lip off with it. "Whatever do you mean?" The highlander asked Papapara. "Just the fact that in addition to cleaning up all those damn bodies I also have to spend my days listening to all these ghost stories that peop
  4. This will be the location where ic posts, blurbs, stories and what not for pc's and npcs alike for the Fate-14 plot Blood Moon Rising
  5. I would like to sign up for where no one has gone before
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