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    balmung Blood Moon Rising Fate-14

    Lan for B
  2. Kylar Dashvia, eccentric researcher and inventor has recently found a very interesting thing in a warehouse containing the possessions of his late parents. Among the scores of books and personal items he found a brittle scroll contained in a worn leather case. As was often the case when he found something unknown, the Keeper just had to investigate further. What he found set his dark tail swaying in excitement and he wasted no time in reaching out to the adventurers guild. He is now looking for those willing to work with him on a dangerous but profitable delve into the mysteries contained within that ancient scroll. The scroll is filled with pictograms instead of actual letters, but something that is enticing to all is what looks like 4 shining crystals depicted on the parchment. ((This is a plot that uses the fate-14 rule set, an approved sheet is required. Fate-14 master post This will make use of the turn system described below.)) Event A 11 March 8pm EST Where No One Has Gone Before… Well Recently at Least. Ahhh beautiful Ul'dah, home to greed, the Immortal Flames, greed, gladiatorial games, greed, oh and those cute dancing cat girls. But many secrets lurk within and under the city. Recently whispers have started to slowly circulate within the circles of more fringe researchers that speak of strange aetheric signatures being detected. Working on a theory, Kylar wants to dispatch a group of adventurers to check out an area where the odd traces have been detected most often. 1. S'imba 2. Artoria 3. Jana 4. Anstarra Event B 18 March 8pm EST Who's The Loneliest of All? After some research, Kylar has found a clue that might help unlock the mystery scroll. In depths of the Shroud there lives a hermit that keeps to himself other than the occasional bump into others while he is out foraging for…whatever crazy hermits go out into the woods to look for. Perhaps it is time for someone to try and track down him down for a chat. A few questions about a certain scroll.... 1. Chachan 2. Khira 3. Aya 4. Reis B reserve: S'imba
  3. Event C for Naoh'a please
  4. I'll go on event B as Naoh'a Annnd if not enough people go to C I can do that as Lan.
  5. I'd like to sign Naoh'a up for B
  6. I'll sign up for C if possible!
  7. Lan Darklyn

    balmung Host Club | Rendezvous | August Opening

    Come join us for all the fun! Wonderful social RP carried out in a one on one setting hosted by some awesome folks.
  8. I'll take a spot on event D for Naoh'a
  9. Lan Darklyn

    balmung Primevil[Fate14][OOC-Post]

    These are great events for newer folks that might be interested in the very fun Fate-14 system! H
  10. Lan Darklyn

    discussion How would you retire your character

    The only one of my characters I have ever given serious thought to retiring is Lan. 1. If I retire him but want to leave the chance that he may one day come back as a playable character I'll just have him step away from the direct action and maybe open up a school to teach tactics and strategy. 2. If I am totally done with Lan I will likely have him go out with a bang, hopefully surrounded by many bodies of Garleans that he has brutally killed as he fights to his last breath. Or maybe, he will blow up a Garlean base and let himself be consumed in the blast.
  11. Lan Darklyn

    balmung Delial Grimsong / Jajara Jara

    Glad to see ya back!
  12. I'll sign Naoh'a up for event B!