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Looking to develop a character. Ask me anything!

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Hello, all! I recently joined in seeing that there were others like me that were avid seekers of roleplay, and I had hoped to immediately jump right in. That being said, I very quickly failed because I realized I didn't know anything about Izayoi(my character) as a person. So here I am asking for help from the more experienced writers here for the sake of writing Izayoi believably. Ask me anything, be it a single question, or a list, and I will answer it in the hopes of properly creating a character that can be roleplayed to the best of my ability.


At the same time, I ask anybody that notices lore discrepancies, or ways I can make Izayoi more interesting as a character, please speak up and tell me what would've been a better way to write what I was thinking, the cooresponding lore if I've miswritten something that is directly and prominently tied to FFXIV's lore, or ways you think I can improve on my ideas overall. I could even consider this an exercise in writing! With that spiel out of the way, shall we get started? Fire away!

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What's his family/personal connections like?


Izayoi is the adopted daughter of Raen parents. As a Xaela, she would have a different name, but grew up with Raen naming conventions. Her adoptive parents are deceased, and her birth parents are alive.


Connections-wise, she maintains infrequent communication with her birth parents. She has a somewhat minor connection to the standing guard of Ul'dah because of her gullibility and frequency for getting into trouble and having to be in contact with them. She is, at the very least, acquainted with a good majority of the Brass Blades because of this. Her contacts do not extend beyond Ul'dah, save for friends of her adoptive family that are still alive, or travelers who've seen her lugging around the sheet of steel she calls a sword.


Edit: It's more accurate to say that, as of now, her contacts extend very loosely beyond Ul'dah. She's left it before after she aged a little, but outside of Ul'dah, she's relatively unknown.

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