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Journal of a Carbuncle [Story]

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[align=center]A worn and nearly burnt journal was found in the Wanderer's Palace. The pages here are all but torn away. A few remain but only three...[/align]





[align=center]Day XX Year XX Fifth Umbral Era[/align]



It has begun. The war that I along with the others feared. My students and friends believe we could be safe inside Nym. But those accursed Black Mages keep striking us down. Not to mention the White Mages and their powers. I fear it's only a matter of time until nothing will be left. It's as if peace is out of our reach. As if they do not want to just stop the fighting and simply walk away.


But I guess even some people get overzealous in their endeavor for more power. Even some of my Colleagues caught this horrible mentality and acted on the thought that we Scholars are the strongest.


I pray Oschon will protect us.


- Edward


[align=center]Day XX Year XX Fifth UmbralEra[/align]


it's been several weeks since the war started to bring more causalities. Students, Colleagues and even my own companions have died out. I may not be the best at fighting, but I can't just stand idle while my companions fall like simple gnats to their accursed spells! Word came about that a box of supplies would help us win this war, but other's claim it's simply food and items to heal the wounded. 


I hold out in our city, hoping for help from the one that calls herself 'Miss Essence'.


- Edward


[align=center]Day XX Year XX Fifth Umbral Era[/align]




I am unable to keep my breathing. Whatever was contained in the crates is slowly doing something to us. I am not sure if I am going to make it. Miss Essence told me there was a way to save myself, but I would not be the man I would again. She offered to save me from this horrible plague. I hope she is right when the spell is finished...I don't want to die yet. Not when there is so much to see in this realm. This shall be my last entry for now. Hopefully she is right. (On this page, dried blood tried to cover up the writing and even the last few words were mixed in with it.)


- Edward

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[align=center]Day XX Year 872 Sixth Astral Era[/align]



I feel a salty air brush against my ears...and they feel longer than normal. My eyes open and it appears that I am now just a head. Yet i am not. I clearly feel my legs...and arms...and they are short. That is when I realized, that i became some sort of creature. I tried contacting the person who held my tome, but she doesn't understand me. Was i speaking a foreign language to her? 


No. I went into her room and upon seeing my reflection, I realized then and there that Miss Essence has turned me into a Carbuncle. While I feel much of my body reduced to just a web of Aether, I am still capable of remembering certain things. I can still speak, i can eat if i try though i do not need to anymore, and eating elemental crystals (while nasty) does fill me faster than normal food before. Oh how i wish I could taste my favorite dish of Lobster...


[align=center]Day XX Year 1469 Sixth Astral Era[/align]



I'm with my tenth owner already, a young woman with a heart for adventure. She seemed rather calm about letting me see her in just her small clothes. Perhaps being a Carbuncle over the years isn't that bad at all. Though I still pine for my real body one day. Hopefully.


Right now, She is with other people in a location of vast trees. Apparently a war broke out and three nations were defending from another's onslaught. They won, but my owner was gravely wounded. She could no longer cast spells despite being able to jump in and out of my book. I stayed with her until her untimely death and her books confiscated to be re purposed for other scholars. 


I'm going to miss that damn girl.


[align=center]Day XX Year 1571 Sixth Astral Era[/align]



Even after everything, war was still prominent in this realm. The Garleans continue their assault once more. It's going to turn into a blood bath. I stand by my master's side to fight, but I cannot help but think that the Dalamud Moon is changing...and growing bigger.


By the Twelve. What is going on?


[align=center]Day XX Year ?? Seventh Umbral Era[/align]


I find myself in the Waterways of Ul'dah after my master died during whatever was happening above. I feel the shaking and quakes, the cries and pains of those from above. And I can do nothing to quell it. No...It's reminding me of my people. Of when the War of the Magi took place. I'm scared and frightened. 


[align=left]I feel my pages getting soaked. My tome resting on the edge of the wasteline. How...How can it end like this? My time is coming to an end...and in my last moments, as i feel like i am drowning...I feel a pair of cold yet soft hands reach for my leather bound prison.


[align=center]Whoever you are...I will make it my mission to teach you all that I know. For i am never sure when and if i will be tossed aside and handed down like a simple library book.[/align]


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