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Vaun Dibbarra

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I Primary Information

  •   Linkshells: Nope
  •   Characters: Vaun Dibbarra
  •   Primary Characters: Vaun Dibbarra

  •   Free Company: Nay


II Roleplaying Conduct


Amount of RP: Intensively Heavy RP! I'm down for role playing all the time with anyone who wants to do it, feel free to look for me.


Views of RP combat and injuries: I'm not all for having permanent injuries from random walk ups that happened to occurred. Mind you, I don't mind a bunch of cuts and gashes, but if the injury within a story line done with other people results in something permanent, then it'd be something negotiated.


View on IC romance: I'm down for some IC romance!~ One night stands are fine and dandy, but I prefer it happening from story line investment between two characters.


View on non-romantic RP: If there's one thing you can count on, its having a good bunch of friends to associate with. As for family? He has none left at all, in fact, it'd be quite a shocking twist for him to even find a brother or sister left. Being in the world, I'll either make friends, enemies, rivals, or family, it will make the world feel more lively.


Views on lore: I abide by the lore to the letter, research, exploration, and education of said lore is no finer way of getting accustomed to it. Same token, I'm not black and white, in fact, I enjoy some good creativity with lore bending that doesn't break or go against whats been established.


View on chat function: Meh





III Other Information


  • Country: U.S.
  • Timezone: CST
  • Contact Information:

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  • 1 month later...

As of today, I have taken my leave from this cancerous snowflake fest, this RP community is steadily succumbing to the flood of toxic guilds, unprofessional conduct, god modding douche bags, and brittle people with no backbone. If you're reading this note, get out of this game while you can before you get stressed over tasteless drama that has no importance whatsoever. If not, then I can only pity you for investing in an RP community that grows more toxic and hazardous to your mental health as days go by, it siphons numbers yes, but numbers don't matter at all, its the company that you keep in your community that makes it a jewel. And FF14 didn't watch what it was eating, now there are maggots and parasites running rampant.

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