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[News] Gruesome killing near la Costa del Sol.

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[align=center]"Gruesome killing near la Costa del Sol"[/align]

[align=center]"A slaughter on the docks."[/align]


[align=center]It's at dawn than nothing less than four bodies where discovered on the dock near the Costa del Sol camp. The men, all in their prime, were ruthlessy killed by unknown attackers, in a seemingly one-sided slaughter for what Maelstrom forces on site have reported. No details were disclosed by the authorities, but words have spread that the victims were notorious slavers.


From our sources, a witness have identified two rag-tag bunches fairly earlier to the presumed attack quitting the Costa del Sol camp, seemingly looking like adventurers, without ever going back. That confirm the magic energy identified, as attackers seem to have teleported away with aetherical travel.


The Maelstrom is currently on the look-out to identify the culprits and motives of this infamous slaughter, even if slavers won't miss to anybody! As said by the current head-investigator on this case 'This men may have been scums, but there is still Law in our state!'[/align]


(More information to be disclosed by contacting the maelstrom forces or local witness, just send a mp if you are curious! Have a good day)

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Inarah's golden eyes pass over the notice slowly; her right ear hangs off to the side as the news sinks in. "Blimey, 'appened right by th'bar, sounds like. 'ope they got that cleaned up 'fore next one," she mumbles under her breath. The Seeker scans further down, tail flicking back and forth whilst she reads, and one word leaps out at her. Slavers. A snort and a bitter laugh escape her throat as she shakes her head. "Sod th'law. Ah wanna shake th'ands'a whoever done this." Waving one hand in the air dismissively, she turns on her heel and walks away.

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