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  1. Oh, more frog around? How great. As one too, let me welcome ye there, it's amazing of a place compared to far too much other servers/games for roleplay! As well as randomly toss my own sharp, Simeon, if ye wanna roleplay, he got some interesting history with roegadyn of all kinds, between love and hate. (It's quite an extreme goon aye.) Feel free to hit me up any time, or here or IG to maybe work out something. Take care.
  2. I must say, that introduction of such a fraud greatly made me laugh. Just for that, you made some of my day. On a second note, that character sound seriously fun to surely antagonize from the start, playing both a figure of authority for most people and a noble that actually... get pissed when people remind him of his status. Family is a terrible thing! Anyway, I guess could pass one day by that fine clothing company to get a look of those wares!
  3. Hello there! After careful reading and trying not to feel too hyped... I give up. a gmt player, an elezen that retired from north and living around that Shroud? Where do I plant that sign to say I would love to work out something? Had a couple shenanigans running in the forest lately that involved all the unsavory parts, so I'll gladly throw a Simeon that way. Even as terribly insufferable as he might be at times! Take care!
  4. Hello there. Having kind of an addict to painkillers and stuff even if he wouldn't ever recognize it getting hurt at times simply to get high on anesthetics and surely going further and further on the drug side of things to keep going, could surely throw ye a sharp that way! He is grumpy, moody, an overall pain in the ass if he doesn't like you (the kind that axe your door and kick your intimate parts while wearing armor...), feel free to hit me up on Simeon Sibaruse for a journey over the realm of being a masochist simply to get high in a legit fashion
  5. More dangerous work somewhere out of the common places, with a peculiar interest in getting things alive? And I nearly missed it from not visiting enough? Damnit, that was close! If you seek more people to fill the jobs or... else as well, let's be honest, people usually discuss a tad outside too. Maybe actually to hire him. Or work for him. Meh, the world is vast! I'd just say to poke Simeon Sibaruse if ever you feel like it. (And on the random thought... is it still a pianist when only an harpsichord is around? )
  6. After all, it does sound like an interesting way to do stuff: Character Name: Simeon Sibaruse Wiki link/short description: RPC Wiki. Lack things Have you completed the MSQ up until end of 3.4: Yes My character should be anonymous: Either works
  7. Because a certain someone keeps nagging more for more catboys to know and that he sure sound like the kind of -bother- that like to randomly fall on a grumpy sharp... I'd be delighted to meet randomly the story enthusiast on Simeon at whatever time is convenient, being a busy merc! (which actually is the fun part of course, who love idle mercs?)
  8. Just because I died of laughter for once in a while reading a connection topic, I toss you my hat. "Chapeau demoiselle" Otherwise, I hope you'll find what ye seek on Balmung soon then and as such (and expected) I'll gladly toss (again) a grumpy sharp along the way. Even more as out of late, he seem to have take on both the habit to stumbling upon burglar cats that poke their noses in his things and to teach hunting to a cat. Yes, even he doesn't know what to do with such a poor thing. As such, see ya! (maybe) And welcome too, but I don't like to be polite.
  9. Small world is an euphemism here Tiny Magus! And welcome here.
  10. From yesterday internet issues and after consultation of the two people involved so far, the leve A Refugee Slaughter is now postponed to Tuesday 08/02, at 8pm CST Sign-up are as well reopened and previous post regarding it amended. Thanks for the read. (Ps, no problem for being a bit late, if things would have started, way will be found!)
  11. Apologies, just got back home, bit of a short time before it, but yeah, it's deliberate, I'm actually an european player and can't stay up in the middle of a night a thursday for american eve Might have some lateness though, been locked out of account for travelling around, currently resolving this matter
  12. Uh, an interesting subject. And I must say, I'm rather amazed by the sheer amount of people that won't ever initiate. Understandable, but amazing. Personally, it's like a random thing. Cause it's not me, it's the character. Roughly said, I don't give a shit about those M/E/Para (meh, I might be one of the few that got to a brothel from times to times just to take news of whores/courtesans I've met outside) or whatever in a search box, but like those bits about a satchel, scars, and such. What import to me is that the character would take an interest in someone. Best example? Two day
  13. "Nah, it's a rather clean and organized one so far, don't worry." Simeon did raised a brow though. Not about the seal and location of the asked items, but for the denomination of their Doll Zero Four One? What the eck was that thing? Caution was to be maintained there. "And you actually arrive just in time. Your... friends there informed use history regarding this tower are stored in the locked quarters of a certain... Xyla? Near the main hall. Sealed. Look like an idea to get there to investigate next no?"
  14. "Aye, I'd take a copy if possible." Simeon offered a formal bow to the -librarian- if one could call such a thing like that, rather unsettled by this sort of telepathic mind ability. Surely something in regard looking like dolls. Glancing over the said Curator, he quirked a brow, silently thanking Halone that one wasn't to crush them on the spot. Ever tried fought an automaton with a spear? That's just bullshitly hard. But well, as the elezen librarian offered him the required answer, he jumped ship to the subject more at hand. "Speaking of history, is there any document here regardi
  15. Things edited with current sign-up. And don't worry, it's no problem if she is kind of a chainsaw, as long as don't got a full party of psychopats willing ta kill everything and ask questions later
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