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  1. Greetings! I had made a reach-out post on my tumblr about an event one of my FC members had come up with, and thus far it has had a HUGE spark of interest. I felt like posting it here as well would hopefully gather more interest as well. Essentially it's a hiring faire for FCs, and it would be much like a job or club faire at a college campus. I will be hosting two meetings on August 25th for those interested to hear thoughts and gather ideas on how to make this run smoothly! Times will be 2-3pm EST and 5-6pm EST. I will discuss the idea in detail and take questions and insight! (ADMIN: If this is the wrong category for this, please feel free to move it where proper.) Link to the original post is HERE! Thanks for hearing me out, and I hope people will be eager to participate!
  2. Tranquil’s Rest is hosting its Open Bar Night on Balmung! Friday, November 3rd @ 7pm EST. Mists, Ward 9, Plot 27 We have all available liquors and sake, as well as signature liquors and Specialty Drinks! Dare you brave The Nightmare? Or is Blue River more your flow? Come have a drink or two with us! Signature Liquor list is here: http://tiny.cc/Talons
  3. Haha! Thanks for the help! *gives cookies*
  4. So! New to the wiki thing, and I cannot for the life of me figure how to move my page or have my name show up in the player characters list. Any help would be appreciated! <3
  5. Oh-ho! I think I saw you this morn' in the Quicksands, talking to an acquaintance of mine, Simeon! Small world.. er.. server!
  6. I finally gave in to peer pressure, and here I am. Greetings! Pheli Nosuk of Balmung, still-learning BLM and cookie peddler. I hope to make some more friends and RP pals soon!
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