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Youtube: Let's Play FFXIV


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I don't know if this has been on these forums yet, (because I've been gone so long and kinda hard to use search tool with such common words), so you are of course welcome to delete this post and direct me to the old one if I double post.


I found these videos less than week ago and already watched all 73 episodes. I personally wish I would have find them like year ago already. I really liked to watch them because they remind me of the times when I was total noob in the game too, and how things have change. Though I wish he had level abit faster so I could have seen the end game with him too.

It's basically this guy that makes a new character and records his gameplay while commenting things with his awesome voice. Some of his reactions to things are quite funny, and some just make me facepalm to the fact how noob he is...hehe. But I did like watching them ^^


In later episodes he starts a linkshell with couple players he met (ep46) and things get alot more interesting when he interviews and talks to other players in voice chat. I actually started to like these players and the last video (ep73) actually got me crying because they were all waiting the end of the world together and after the servers went down they said goodbyes. I wish I could have been there with people like that.


Anyways, here is the link to the channel: http://www.youtube.com/show/letsplayfinalfantasyxiv

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Oh and that damn channel is the reason I've been so quiet in the forums lately. As I literally spent hours and hours in past week to watch all those episodes which are usually 30-60 mins per episode. So many many hours!

I'm gonna try and lurk more around here again. *shifty eyes*

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