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  1. Pfft, my chars have green hair and white hair from birth *nodnod* They haven't seen any stylist!
  2. Yea I mentioned that earlier too, that Busy blocks /tells. AFK doesn't block them, that's why I use it instead now. So if anyone sees me run around with AFK sign feel free to send /tell anyways if you wanna chat!
  3. I've personally liked Gridania story most (felt same in 1.0) , because its the only one that has two NPCs in the main storyline and I love watching them bicker. I still plan to level character in each city and company to see it all
  4. I really miss the RP addons from WoW too. One point I always updated to my search info "Currently IC" or "Currently OOC" , but not many people read them everytime they see someone ;D So then I tried writing "OOC if minion out" and used very OOC minion (usually baby behemot) when I ran around cities OOC, but while questing I often have my chocobo out instead and can't keep minion same time, which complicated things because I use the chocobo out often IC too >_<;; Now I often use the AFK when I'm OOC. People can still send me /tell then and ask if I'm available. I tried using the Busy instead, but then someone told me that no-one can send me /tell then... I wish there was IC or OOC icon to choose for status.
  5. If I remember right someone here got their name changed in 1.0. Think he inquired the customer support of it so he could get more RP friendly name. But...not sure if they agree to do that always. But if you have anything else to contact them, you could always ask about the name too as side question, no harm then ;D
  6. Yes, and we helped, hurray for us! \o/ Need to check that house soonish!
  7. Almil

    Mount Up!

    Looks like I'm only one that thinks all other mounts should be removed from the game and just keep the chocobo? :chocobo:
  8. Thanks for all your hard work, Kylin! ^^
  9. I completely forgot whole event. I wanted to be there! :frustrated:
  10. Hah, spotted R'ikve at Quicksand moment ago, was running some quests and meant to reeeally fast check how the RP is in Ul'dah at this hour...and I ended up OOC lurking there way too long because the RP between Rik and Ren was so entertaining. Can't wait to meet her IC, though Almil might get traumatized , lol :dazed: Welcome to RPC and Eorzea!
  11. Almil


    Europa is OOC linkshell for EU players. http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=3026
  12. Clover, you must share us your secrets of taking (and editing?) such beautiful screenshots! They're all so goooood. You should rent your services... become IC photographer! I could hire you! Though I have no money! D:
  13. I appreciate taking time to reply our concerns Nariko. I was slowly starting to accept that "this is just a cutesy event for RPers and non-RPers" , but the quoted part below tossed me back to "...the hell is this exactly?!" Love Love Star Maids & Hosts have been carefully selected with this in mind. We've specifically chosen our Maids & Hosts who have proven to hold their own against anything Eorzea has to throw at them. This includes but is not limited to: *Sexual Harassment *Overly obsessive Elezen fan boys *Ze Puff Puff *Ankle Bitters *Morbrol Tentacles *Twintania *Ravaging Trolls *Haters Hentai themes much? So your hosts are aware of these themes and can hold their own against them? So they have obviously study the theme (hentai/ERP) then and/or have experience with it? I have to agree with some other comments here and say that this gives roleplayers and RP events bad name.
  14. Ok, I finally clicked the link and looked at the original thread bit more. (because this day is already horrible and I can't give a f*ck with the RL things I meant to go to this morning >_< ) This seems to be the point of the event? Prizes? Lottery? Chance to get rich? ★ Art Prize *Prize giveaway will promptly start at 5:45pm PST on our main Cafe floor, if you do not come forth within 3 minutes of your name being called by one of our selected maids we will draw another name for the prize. ......though I'm not sure how trusted that would be. How is the winner picked? And can the friends of the event creators take part? Now I don't actually mean to slander anyone, I think it's great that other servers have events too. I'm just confused and curious~~~ (Also, most people in RPC are in Balmung or Gilgamesh, so the big money prize wouldn't do us any good even if we made alt on that realm to take part of the event).
  15. If you believe this restriction will actually be in place during the event...I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Just quoting what I read them announce, that it wouldn't be happening. So still wondering why anyone, RPer or other player would pay for it.
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