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Heya! Let's try jumping into the game the right way this time!


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Hey everybody! I'm here to introduce myself as I officially attempt to join into the Final Fantasy 14 roleplay community.


I am by no means new to role play and have easily been enjoying online adventures for over half my life now.


I originally played Final Fantasy 14 in the disaster of what was the first release. I then came back and tried to play when it was released in a realm reborn.


Why I didn't continue to play on the first release is kind of a no brainer, but when I came back I never really got into the role play community which is why I think I didn't follow through with the game. Now, I am coming to the game searching for new adventures and new comrades.


I will be playing a midlander hyur named Viridian Greene as my main and first character to get a feel of things!

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