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O Family, Where Art Thou? So I may wreak vengeance on you one day.

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I’ve been having a lot of fun with the few that I’ve RP’ed with so far (I started quite recently) and while my primary goal is to find people as family members I’d like to also expand my connections. I should probably mention my character isn’t the sort to hold social graces by the hand unless it benefits her in some way, just as a warning.^^  




[align=center]Dossier on Synerva Devereux [/align]

[align=center]*Attached is a picture of a light haired Isgardian Hyur*[/align]



Birth Rights

Synerva was born to an affluent Elezen nobleman and a Hyur maid (under the house’s employ), or so the gossiping Ishgardian nobility say. What is known for certain is that Synerva is the bastard daughter of a nobleman with two step siblings. Upon birth, she inherited a dead mother and a life of fending for herself.



Lady you say?

Though she was brought up in the way nobles are, she loathes them and would rather see the high brought low. Having run away with nary a gil, she’s experienced the depraved nothingness of those in the Brume and thus has seen two walks of life. She can blend in our not, and she will use this to her advantage. Cross her path and this chaotic neutral will size you up to see if the pickings are ripe. 



Her Standpoint

She’ll fight, but she hates getting her hands physically dirty. There’s something about the cold she really seems to dislike too, as well as the weak. Trust, she might have lost this along the way.




[align=center]Family Dossier [/align]


I’m looking for family, an Elezen half-sister and half-brother for Synerva’s “past” life. She can rant and hate all she wants but perhaps others might like to have a shared past that has options, and not have that family be so paper dimensional. The gender of the siblings isn’t set in stone though the personalities I’m hoping to find are formidable. =) Maybe this isn’t possible, but one can hope.




Past and Present 


Anyone that might want to be a part of her past or present I’m totally open to, though her past was quite sheltered. She was mostly around her tutor or sneaking off when obviously she shouldn’t have been.  


Currently she’s doing “odd” jobs,  including her most recent exploit of being hired as a medic. She received her tutelage in medicinal magics but due to circumstances she’s adept at slight of hand and blending in. I’d love for her to have connections to shady characters/ underground operations as well if anyone knows of something or wants to collaborate. 


I’m hoping to develop my character into something more than she is. I don’t know if she’ll be able to grow but it will be fun to find out.



Thanks and hope to meet more of you!


(I’m in EU timezone of UTC +1)

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