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Seeking English Rp'ers

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Howdy, myself and a few friends have recently starting playing and are actively looking for the English speaking Rp community but we haven't had any luck as yet.All the FC's I have asked don't actually rp even if its a highlighted option for them.


So I was wondering where is the best place to find Rp for the english speakers on the Moogle server?

Are there FC's who are looking for new players that are willing to help us get used to the lore and the actual game itself?


Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

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I heard there is a small community there and a quick search for RP linkshells on the server brings up quite a few, although I have no idea as to whether they're still active or if they're all English-speaking.


Sorry I can't be of more help. What I can say for certain, however, is that there's a substantial EU community on Balmung. If you ever think about transferring, check out the European Directory!


I wish you best of luck in your search!

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