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A Dirty Conundrum: Community Event 8th Feb

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This event has ended


Greetings adventurers of Eorzea! I am back once again with a challenge for those who seek fortune and knowledge.


Many residents of Zodiark solved my puzzles and earned their prizes. Now I put it to all of you, to solve my conundrum and win a prize.


Who can play?

Anyone! It doesn't matter what server you are on, since the prize will be gift coded to you.


How do I play?

I seek 5 items that you can find throughout the world of Eorzea, I will give you clues to each item, you must discover what these 5 items are and submit your answer via my email Removed OR Since this forum has a pm system I will allow submissions via PM.


When is it?

The event has started!


How long do I have?

You have until Monday the 22nd Feb to submit your answer.


What is the prize?

The prize is your choice! You may select one item from the Mog Station. However! some items are excluded as prizes.


How many prizes are there?

5 Winners will be drawn at random, each receiving a Gift Code for the item of their choice.


What’s the catch?

Catch? there isn't one. Everyone is free to enter and join in or play along just for fun if you want.


Some of the possible prize choices (But not limited to! Take a look on the Mog Station for them all!)




Additional Info

Don't ask me for clues, you wont get any.

Posting the correct items here will not make you the winner and I wont reveal the answer until the event has ended.

Discuss here if you wish however be wary as someone might take your answers and beat you to it![/align]

[align=center]This event is not RP based however you will be able to RP it if you like since it is focused around lore.[/align]


The Rules (Please Read!)


Please email your answer to Removed or send via a PM


Please use the following format to submit your answer; (Other formats may not be counted.)


Item 1

Item 2

Item 3

Item 4

Item 5


Character name:


Choice of prize:

Start Date & Time: Monday 8th Feb at 19:00 GMT / 11:00 PST


End Date & Time: Monday the 22nd Feb at 11:59 GMT / 15:59 PST


Winners will be announced here shorty after.


Gift Codes will be sent out shorty after.


Each player has one entry, multiple entries will not be counted, this includes but is not limited to; multiple submissions in the same email or multiple submissions from the same address.


Players may select one of the accepted items from the Mog Station as their prize.

Entries with excluded prizes will not be counted.


Please be specific with gender locked gear.


Players with the correct answers will be put into a draw. Winners will then be drawn at random.


Entries after the closing date will not be counted.


Incomplete submissions will not be counted.


Please submit your answer in English, I will do my best to translate anything but if I cannot understand your answers it will not count.


You will be sent your Gift Code via the email / account you submitted your answer with.


Gift Code Terms

How to redeem a Gift Code






Accepted Prizes:


Attire* (except Scions)



Items excluded as prizes:




Scions Attire

Eternal Bonding




Legal Stuff for mods


This is a non profit community event, I do not gain anything from this.

The Gift Codes will not be used for any activity relating to the trade of real-world money, in-game currency or in-game virtual items.

The Gift Codes are not being used for any sales or commercial use.

The Gift Codes are not being used to promote other commercial products.

I am not making any profit from this community event with the use of the Gift codes or any advertising.


Emails & Collected data:

Email addresses and content of those emails sent to my email provided will not be shared or distributed by me, this excludes announcing the winners on the official forums. Their sole purpose is to collect the answers for the event and will be deleted afterwards.


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The Journey


Take the journey to find the item I seek.

For those who seek my fortune must walk the path to enlightenment. First you must leave the roost, from there you must stay on the right path. Moogles float in the wind guiding the way, leading you deeper. Upon reaching the garden of roses, the path will be pointed out for you. Once you ascend to the greatest of heights, beacons will guide you to that which you seek.





The Rumour


The item I seek is the girls favourite flower.

Rumours spread quickly in quaint villages with whispering wives and loud mouth blacksmiths. While visiting one, I heard a tragic tale about a young girl. It’s the kind of story an adventurer like you would be interested in, or perhaps you know it already?


A shy girl such as her may not be so bold to open up to strangers, perhaps you should seek out others in the area first to loosen her tongue.





The Charm



The item I seek is Najoro’s lucky charm.

Najoro takes a large gulp as he walks up to the counter. “One mini cactpot ticket please” he says nervously to the broker. Clutching his charm tightly he scratches at the ticket with desperation, revealing a one.’Don’t get yourself worked up like last time’ he urges to himself. He moves on to the next square uncovering a two. A drop of sweat drips from his brow he as scratches away at the last square. He stares in awe at the final number, “Four” he mutters with a sigh, scrunching up the ticket.


Upon returning home he feels a shiver down his spine. ‘Such an uneasy feeling can only mean one thing..’ he thinks to himself. Suddenly, out the corner of his eye he sees a large figure. “Oi yer little runt!” bellows the drunken roegadyn. “Ye been spillin’ yer coin at that fancy palace again!?” Najoro freezes on the spot in fear, Like a guilty child he can’t help but look down at his feet. “Heh, ye think yer lil’ charm will bring ye luck?” mutters the drunk. He lunges for Najoro’s charm, ripping it from around his neck. Najoro snaps out of his trance and cries out at the top of his voice, “My lucky charm! give it back!”. “Lucky charm?” the roegadyn chuckles, “pfft, I should throw it in the sea where it belongs!”. He takes another swig from the wine bottle and staggers as he throws the charm into the sea. Najoro can only watch in horror as it splashes and sinks into the murky water below.





The List


I seek the completed item.








The Peddler


Have you heard the story of the unfortunate peddler? A carefree man, who aimlessly wandered from place to place. He eventually met his untimely demise, scortched by the fiery breath of Koshchei during an attack on Whitebrim Font before the assault on Stone Vigil. Talk about wrong place wrong time.


Anyway, I seek the item that the peddler had on him after he died. Here I have his journal, well whats left of it, perhaps it will provide useful in finding the item.






Journal in plain text if you need translate.


Day 16

Still no luck finding my fortune in Ul'duh. Perhaps I will have more luck at one of the bazaar's outside the city. I've heard great tales about them, where traders from all over gather to sell treasures found only in the furthest realms of Eorzea.


I've stopped at a tavern just outside the city, its a long walk to the bazaar so I best get a decent meal! It's not the cleanest of places but the food is good. Seems theres a mining business near by, with the tracks and all. Odd that I haven't seen or heard one pass by yet though... I best finish quick and continue east.


I see a settle ####### ad, it has a strange blue glow to it, m ###### of those magic things.


A guard has been kind enough to point me in the direction of the bazaar, only a short walk now.


This place is like a ghost town... theres barely anyone here... apparently since the calamity struck this place has been forgotten. Dark grows near, I shall head back to the settlement for a bed.


Day 17

I shall spend a few hours this morning selling what I can, then i'm off to the shoud!


Looks like I let too much go for too little again... I'll have to gather whatever I can along the way to the shroud.


I'm finally out of the sand and into the lush green forest. Some wood wailers directed me to a tavern, which is apparently a hotspot for people to meet up. Maybe I will find some fool to sell all of this junk to.


Apparently these people are sma ###### ey look... I didn't sell a thing! Curse t ###### e!


I come across a huge stable, full of chocobo's, I've never seen so many before! some of the stable workers pointed the way to the next settlement.


After crossing a bridge I na ###### ped with my life! Attacked by a band of ###### Filthy creatures! They really w ###### that I was carrying, they could of ha ###### paid for it!


After evading bombs, yarzons and everything else the shroud has thrown at me this will be my last stop here. I shall stay the night and continue north in the morning.


Day 18

This land is cold and barren, its hard to make out anything.


After heading past a giant crater I was fortunate enough to find a cave, I have no choice but to stay here until the blizzard passes.


Shortly after my arrival, some travellers who know these lands were also seeking shelter. Praise the Gods they found me else I would have died in here. They said they will escort me to a settlement called Whitebrim when its safe to.


Day 19

Finally, i've arrived at Whitebrim. I plan to rest here for a few days to get my strength back. These folk do not see strangers that often, perhaps I can finally sell something...


This my be the last thing I ever write, alarms are ringing, panic has struck, everyone flees. I can hear the soldier's outside, they scream Koshchei






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