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The Keeper’s Kiss “Lonely Hearts” Hostess night.


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Get ready for The Keeper’s Kiss special Valention’s Day event “Lonely Hearts” Hostess night. On the night before Valention’s Day come join us at Menphina’s Respite to converse, drink and flirt with our lovely Courtesans and Hostesses. Each session is one on one and is one hour long.


Date: 13th February.

Time: 10 p.m EST to 2 a.m EST (availabilities vary).


Place: Menphina’s Respite, plot 2, ward six, The Lavender Beds.

Session Fee:10,000 gil.


Profiles of some of the Hosts and Hostesses that are available on the night are here.


We will be waiting for you with open hearts!


The Keeper’s Kiss.

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