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[Flyer And Word of Mouth] Call To Arms: Thanalan!

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[align=center]"Citizens of Ul'dah! We ask any and all able body fighters to gather up at Little ala Mhigo to stop an incoming threat on the Twelfth! If you can heal as well, then come! A person by the name of Quint will be leading this operation! We urge all Civilians to remain calm!"




[align=center]Papers being handed out and hung up around Ul'dah and even in the Goblet boards with bold lettering, the seal of the Immortal Flames and a strong need for any who can fight or heal. The threat however was not described. Simply said as a looming threat. With an urgent need, some may not resist the call.[/align]


[align=center]( More here )[/align]

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A flyer was forced into Rihxo's hands as she walked the streets of Ul'dah. Startled, she would begin to look it over with a cautious curiosity.


"Quint?" Rihxo's brows knitted as she continued to read it over, frowning slightly. Maybe this is why I haven't seen her around here lately...



She'd fold the flyer in hand and tuck it safely into an inner pocket on her coat. Wonder what kind of threat I'll be taking down this time... I hope that Nanagi won't be going that day... ugh!

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