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Hunters of Love: Blind Date Auction & Mixer! (Canceled!)

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[align=center]HUNTERS OF LOVE: Blind Date Auction & Mixer!

Valentione’s Event hosted by Gold & Glory Hunter’s Guild.[/align]


It’s that time of year again when Gold & Glory is gearing up to hold its bi-monthly public holiday RP event! This month, the Guild will be hosting its first annual Valentione’s Day Event:


Hunters of Love: A Blind Date Auction & Mixer!

Date: February 26th, 2016. (Friday)

Time: (Official event time TBA soon!)

Location: Eastern La Noscea, Wineport.


In this Blind Date Auction, we’ll be selling off items that are near and dear to the Guild’s most eligible* members to the highest bidders! Those interested will offer their gil to buy up these items and the lovingly** crafted dates, put together by the auctionees themselves, that go with them! But therein lies the catch: as the name of the event suggests, you’ll be bidding blind!


Once all the items are sold, money’s traded hands, and the dust settles, your lovely hostesses will be announcing whose date each lucky winner has won!


For those individuals that don’t like the idea of a little bit of guesswork and intrigue in their date auction, our first item up for bid for the night will be one gilded rose, which will allow the lucky winner to choose their date from all the assembled auctionees!


A few things to keep in mind about this date auction:


  • This auction will feature real, actual gil! Gold & Glory is officially saving for a future upgrade to a Large House to be able to bring bigger and better events to the community, and so all profits from the auction will go towards that goal and keeping future events going as well!
  • Closer to time, hopefully a few days after Valentine’s Day proper, we’ll be posting a list of the individuals who are going to be up for bidding as well as some information about them and why you should try to figure out which item and date are theirs!
  • Likewise, around the same time, we will also be posting a separate list of what the items / date hints are. So if you’re the type that would rather bid on the dates or items themselves instead of trying to go for a specific individual, this will interest you!
  • Please be aware that these dates are not necessarily romantic in nature, and auctionees are not obligated to provide sexually-themed RP. The type and the limits to the date are expressly up to the judgment of the auctionee themselves. If it is brought to our attention that you have unduly pressured an auctionee into RP they are not comfortable with, they are not obligated to carry out their date with you and the bid will not be refunded.


Immediately after the completion of the auction, we’ll be hanging around Wineport for a while longer for a Mixer! Talk with your fellow event-goers, mingle, mix, make a connection! Gold & Glory will be providing a holiday-themed menu of drinks and dishes again, as well as short in-character Tarot Card readings for both Couples and Singles***!


We’re still a ways out from event day and so we’re still working on finalizing the final details. So we encourage you, if you’re at all interested, to keep your eyes peeled on posts and additions to this thread and/or updates on our FC tumblr -- for-gold-and-glory -- in the coming days! As soon as information is finalized, it will be made available!


[align=center]Happy Valentione’s Day from us at Gold & Glory Hunter’s Guild![/align]





* Gold & Glory does not guarantee that auctionees are all eligible singles.

** Love not guaranteed.

*** Tentatively planning, pending members’ availability to do readings.

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Just wanted to drop a quick line here to let everyone know that the Hunter's of Love Blind Date Auction & Mixer event has been canceled!


Long story short, we've just had a number of pesky, annoying setbacks this month -- real life commitments eating up precious time, sicknesses of the event planners, and things along those lines -- that have set us too far behind schedule to still be able to pump out a quality, entertaining event for everyone. You know what they say: when it rains, it pours!


Rather than stressing ourselves to death and still delivering a half-finished event that would go over like a lead balloon, we're choosing to cancel and just celebrate Valentione's Day as an FC. But never fear! Gold & Glory will be back in a few months' time with a Hatchingtide event that you'll definitely not want to miss!

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