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Aldenard Leveworks


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[align=center]A Collaborative, Story-Rich Roleplay Community on Balmung[/align]


Aldenard Leveworks is a For-Hire Adventurer Co-Op consisting of the collaborative efforts of its membership divided into specialized divisions.  Unlike most companies which consists of a solitary leader and its officers, Aldenard Leveworks is an Alliance that provides basic services to its membership such as steady, gainful employment and access to the facilities to support their own personal agendas.  


We are a proactive community that supports collaboration and communication to achieve whatever we set our minds to.  Our membership enjoys the game as a whole, while not limiting ourselves to just one pot.  From a PvE perspective we offer the following perks:


  • Double Buffs (+EXP typically, others available upon request)
  • Large Mansion (RP hub)
  • Airships (multiple)
  • All Crafting Stations
  • and more!

We are not just another group of heroes...


While on the surface the Leveworks may appear to be another adventuring Free Company that totes itself as a service provider for contracts too large to be undertaken by a single individual, this 'employer' engages in many walks of life to facilitate trade.  We engage in a myrid of role-play aspects such as members working for a company, the difficulties that arise from personnel training, to the politics between divisions as well as episodic story arcs encouraged and provided by the members of the company.



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A few questions we've received recently.


Yes, we're active.

We are most active in the NA evening times during the week however we do have a few EU players.  You'll find 2-5 people active during the day with our peak hours having 8-11 players online.  A few more come and go as Real Life permits but given the setup of the FC it works just fine for this transient sort of style.  We have events primarily in the evening (After 7pm EST) or on Sat/Sun we have more EU-friendly events.  


What sort of events? What do you mean?

Events are company-run planned RP sessions that can be as light-hearted as a party for the company and friends, a one-shot job where people whom work for the company are set out to escort a caravan or cull the local bandit population, to even the milestone for an ongoing story-arc.  Most combat events are "GM'd" meaning that someone organizes the event and controls all the NPCs involved.


But I prefer my RP to be more organic...

We have a mixture of both.  We strive to balance the ad-hoc world and as a Heavy RP FC actions have consequences.  Sometimes the natural way things progress causes character conflicts, sometimes it causes the group to have to shift and mold its stories to fit the reality of the characters involved and even between events there is a community of people to pull from for establishing report.  What we don't have a lot of are character-villains.  While they do exist, most plotlines involved NPCs or alt-played characters.


How do I join?

Preferred Method: Come RP with us.  Goblet Ward 4, House 5 is the headquarters.  They advertise ICly as an Employment Agency / Adventuring Guild.  Evaleigh is also a known healer for anyone seeking medical attention and Deli is known to be an excellent cook for the hungry.  The company provides succor to the refugees of Ul'dah on a regular basis.  Our members also sometimes travel to the Quicksand and the Drunken Wench for public RP (among other places).  If you need help setting up a time to come RP just reach out to any of us and we'll try and work something out.  Getting involved organically through the linkshell and then asking to join the FC is our preferred method of recruitment.  It's slower but it's more organic.


OOC Application: There is an application on our website that you can fill out but it will take some time and we often close our OOC recruitment.  We strive to maintain a balance between activity levels and involvement.  It's been my experience that when an FC grows too quickly or too large people fall through the cracks or cliques start to form.  A lot of people don't enjoy large-group RP so the bigger the FC the more likely smaller groups form within it.  While you can never 100%  prevent this as friendships are something that should happen, we want everyone to be given as many opportunities as possible to be included.  If you come to us OOCly just know we usually only accept a few people at a time each month so you may end up on a waiting list.  However you can always come RP with us regardless.  We love RP!  Please don't think of this as elitism, we just want to protect what we've built and make sure we don't waste your time :)

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