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German Monk Quests Translated


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With translated I mean vaguely translated. I had to translate some things from German > Dutch > English in my mind. Some I could literally translate easily from German to English. However it is mostly literally translated, with some grammar structure changes to make it readable for you English only folk. However sometimes it won't make much sense, and I will get to translating it properly later. There's still lots missing as well, but this is the best I could do.






Duo with Four Fists (30 Quest)


Erik the Ala Mhigan scholar so far is already referred as "warhistorian"


Fistchampion is the word literally translated for the Pugilist class in German.


Training together on purpose


Energyroads unlock together chakra


I am a Monk. My order is named Fist of Rhalgr


Monks overcome their enemy obstacles. Invoking all the power in our bare hands if you are willing. The energy in us moves out fists and from this springs forth the chakras, the sacred gates.


This energy is in all living creatures, but not everyone can tap into it. You are the only one who has done this.


Trough controlling the energychannels, we strengthen our bodies. Lots of training and discipline is needed.


The capable adventurer has the capability to get under the influence of the Aether in once body without realising it – Without years of training. I have only heard of it, but never seen it with my own eyes, this is the first time I see it.


Here is a Monk Crystal


Actually only Monks are allowed to own these; the ones who share the religious persuasion. Although I will gives this one as a gift.


When you are finally ready, if you have the longing, you can learn our warcraft.

Though your chakra has been touched for a moment. You must learn now, she is free to control them.


You are a young monk. You always must act in asceticism, but for the Order. The easiest way to to unlock your energy centres is on a battlefield. There the souls are clashing. I have visited many battlefields, to train my spirit, my body and my technique.


That I am trusted with the professor is a welcome coincidence. For it is a true twist of fate.



In the Search for Power (Level something quest)


You progress quickly, just as I have expected


I wanted be here earlier, before you came her, to meet. I was too slow. The Aether already opened your chakra. There is nothing for me left.


Us Monks wander the battlefield, and our energycentres open. However this only works once on a battlefield.


Men can't offer the same chakra to the place. At least not for a while.


Because you visited this place, this place has no use for my training anylonger.


That is why I find another place, to do measurements and improve my craft. I would had come here earlier, but I had to go to Little Ala Mhigo.


Don't worry. The professor is not responsible for you, but I have a mission/message for you.


I don't know, who find the date, these instruments don't read, but the professor noticed nothing. He probably suspects nothing.


Provided you don't tell on my secret.


Avelyn Firestone, I trust you somewhat. I will let you know I am a leader of the Ala Mhigo Resistance.


We want to free out home from the Garleans, but our craft is not enough. Eorzean technology can't do anything against magiteck weapons of the empire. Bows and swords are like toys.


This is why I, in Eorzea, to continue to try tomaster my training as a Monk and improve mywarcraft.


I don't desire it from you, that you will join our army and betray the professor. I ask you to keep this for yourself though.


When the professor hears of my reasoning why I do this, we might not be put together any more. He has a good heart, but his research interests me little.


His abundance in warhistory allows for me to find battle places easier. I cannot afford it that you gamble things away.


I have to learn all the energies of the chakra for my body! I need it for my own power!


I had enough of the abuse, the hunger. I want to mean something for Ala Mhigo before I die!


Excuses,I let myself go somewhat.


Can you return this to the professor? And don't tell him anything, I was on an adventure!




The Seventh Chakra Part 1 (50 Quest)


Didn't I told you so? Don't underestimate my craft, it nothing compared to your own!

These fools had to learn it the hard way (dead Garlean yo)


I have them warned for the perfection of my warcraft, but their weapons have stood against more powerful.

With your magitek arms you think yourself invisible. Should it be such?


Is this everything what the Garleans have?!


These laughable non-fighters. Is this Ala Mhigo lost to?


Ah,my Eorzean adventure friend.


You are late… but thankfully not too late.


These Garlean soldiers distracted me. As if they picked up the scent of my Mhigan blood.


Yes,it must be this place! And with your coming, my chakras begun to shine, my body to flow with energy.


Don't you feel it as well?


The fear, like no one knows when the next attack will be.

Do you understand, how pathetic you feel, when someone wants to kill you in cold blood. Do you know the misery to have to fight for your life's survival?


The Garleans took everything from Ala Mhigo! But especially they stole the Mhigan people's souls!

You have seen the professor. You must understand what I'm talking about!


That is why I need this craft. The craft who will recapture! When my 7thchakra awakens, will my wish become reality.


Yes,I know.


I have promised you, that you I will give you your last part of your artifact armor. But first you have to finish this last part of your test… Defeat me!


I did tell you, that one must find an appropriate place to train to open one's chakra.


Thanks to the professor I have found that appropriate place. And in this place I need you, you who has reached the pinnacle of your craft, put us in a fight of life and death, so my 7thchakra awakens!


Do you want to die for me? For Ala Mhigo?


With giving your life, you will save many lives in exchange.


Prepare yourself!



The Seventh Chakra Part 2 (50 Quest)



Why…Why can I not…


Don't come closer. This power, it is mine!


I've promised! There as so many who I cannot protect without this power!


So many who I could have protected… I should have protected!


Avelyn,your craft…


That light earlier!

The seventh Chakra… could you awaken it, or?


Yes,I see it on your face! Your confidence and the energy you are radiating!


((Widargrelt gets hit by angry professor yesss. I STILL LIKE THIS SCENE SO IT SHOULD BE MENTIONED LOL))



You hit me!?


Cry me a river!


Yes I did hit you, you idiot.

The whole time I wanted to tell you something.


Master Cid Garlond of the metalworks mentioned your work in the lake of center of the planets. (Silvertear Lake)


I will have you know, that the planet Hydaelyn is round.

And yet it seems to be the center of the surface.


Don't ask me the details, for I am not an astrologer.


Anyways, your aether energy in your body is in harmony and muses with the energy of the centre!


Your lifeforce is the same as the world, yet different from other mortals.


But you harbour a much bigger danger, if you would be without control.


Such power is not meant for mortals! You are a force of nature, uncontrollable!


Widargelt, couldn't see you as any different from the Garleans.

With violence to seek more power, you won't have a future!


Who gave you the right to make such allegations?


Would you tell this to my brothers, who are forced to share soup, as thing as water, shouldn't let themselves starve? Or the wives, who cry out for their murdered men at night?


I told you what had to be said.

A truth not easy to accept.


No matter how terrible the pain is one has to endure. No matter how much a man wishes to hear the voice of his wife once more.


You cannot bring the lost back, to repair the past. And with your violence you cannot herald a better change!

When you study war history, you will understand exactly that!


In war you will get no justice. Even those who think they fight for a just cause, might be blinded, and not see the truth!

What we here in Eorzea learn of the people, is to shape the future.


That is when you intend to lead the remaining Mhigans, because it is your duty.


Avelyn, everything to thanks to your vigorous aid.


As a scientist, and a citizen of Ala Mhigo, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Suns and Shadows


Careful, Avelyn! The attackers, they were Zentsa and Tchakha! Traitors! How could they abuse my trust?


It must be. If we lingered longer, we couldn't turn back… to our origin.


We won't leave you. But we have learned to think first of ourselves.


We must return to our origin. That is our life. Our destination.


We had to do it, to continue to live together. Therefore… we must fight you here.


They mean it. Avelyn, prepare yourself!


Again?A chakra? Why is it here for?


We won't fight again. There is no reason to kill you. On the contrary, we need you.


Why do you say that? Need us? Why?


You are the sect of the sun, we are of the shadow. The opposite, but the flip side of the same medal.


Without the Sun there can be no shadow. You give birth to the shadow, so we fill the world with with darkness in turn.


We are the shadowsect (Also shadesect, both translations would go I suppose?)


What?Wait! Zentsa, Tchakha!




Rhaglr's will


Zentsa! Are you okay?


Tchakha… Widargelt… I thank you deeply.


How could you? After everything I've done for you. I have saved you, gave you a home and raised you!


You owe me something… your life!


Give my your ki. I always feel it flowing trough me. Become one with your Shadow sect Master!


Hahaha…I feel your warmth… the energy… it is so good!


I have no use for you anymore… Die!


What did you do? You absorbed my… power?


Do you feel that, Avelyn? You last chakra has awakened?


That means yes… You are just as strong as H'raha Tia now!


Avelyn will attack that monster of a H'raha Tia! And we will help you with that!



That's how you thank me for educating you? Just wait…


You have no chance! Avelyn can't control her chakra, and I have infused mine with fresh Ki. I'm stronger than you!


Four weaklings do nothing against a strong warrior, for you are weak! It is about time that your light will be transformed into shadow!




Erik Lore



The Monks and their Order, the Fists of Rhalgr, are for me as a historian oh so interesting due to having something in common with other religions: To be miserable (?)


The Order teach it all, who are dumb enough to listen to such nonsense, that with training of body and soul one can come closer to the God Rhalgr.


Their training permits the monk to channel the aether energy in their body in a specific manner, to cause great destruction.


Monks use for that the chakras in their body, and if you ask me, is nothing else but aether.


But the primitives they are, they hits things particularly hard, eventually developed into a cult of protection force for their main temple in Gyr Abania and therefore was located in a very war centred place.


Over the years, what started out as a small group of religious fanatics who fought for their survival. Eventually the organization belonging to the religious fanatics fought for control in the region as well.


The current ruler of Ala Mhigo was wary of the influence of the warrior monks who fought in the name of Rhalgr for Ala Mhigo. Instead of to forbid the Order, he used them to his advantage.


Connections to the nobility of the state we made, strengthening them, and the warriormonks were made an essential part of the Ala Mhigo army.


The Monks made many demands, and in the coming years their political influence grew.


I take great joy out of the fall of religions! Open your ears!


The power of the Fist of Rhalgr continued to grow, and soon it was made the official state religion. The political,economic and also cultural influence of the monk grew, and needless to say, the old-established rulers were not pleased about this.


The most displeased was the last, and cruellest king of Ala Mhigo: Theodoric. He saw the monks as potential rivals and didn't want to wait until the they were powerful enough to contest his throne.


To ensure his religious position, her proclaimed, so was his right and privilege as the king, that the goddess Nymeia, wife of Rhalgr, had spoken to him.


It was let known that the worshipping of Rhalgr, and the other Gods were forbidden, that Ala Mhigo had to focus onto Nymeia, to establish his sole leadership.


Ofcourse the followers of Rhalgr protested trough the state, just as Theodoric had anticipated!


He took advantage of the revolt, and threw highranked members of the Order in the cell, who had to endure torture, and confessed they had planned a coup against the king.


In the year 1552, the sixth era of light, Theodoric ordered his army onto the main temple of the monks and surrounded them.


In the slaughtering following all were cut down. No matter if they were monks, servants, or farmers who had fled to the temples.

The warriormonks fought heroically, yet they were helplessly outnumbered. With the massacre that day the brotherhood disappeared. The older monks committed suicide, and with them the secrets of their order.


It was assumed that all monks, and the secrets of the chakras, all died out.

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