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Deirdre's Art Thread - Taking Commissions


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Hey everyone~


I will be posting links to completed pictures and taking commissions in this thread. I will constantly be updating it, and likely making a tumbler or some such. I also tend to have a lot of projects on the go at once as just a personal thing, commissions or anything with a due date will take first priority.


Stream *NSFW*

Tumblr <- All work FFXIV related will be posted here.


So here goes;


-------------------------------- Commission Details



Sketch: Rough lines.

Lined: Solid, inked lines.

Basic Colouring: Half-painted, half-lined.

Painted: Digital painting style.


Payment will only be accepted via Paypal, though it is possible to arrange something via mail/trade. Gil will also be accepted once FFXIV is back up and prices will be posted then.

I will do backgrounds if requested, but only simple ones. If you wish for something more complex, please message me and I will let you know if I can or cannot do it.

All pictures, unless requested, are subject to use in my gallery/portfolio with proper owner notations included.

If you wish group pictures, please message me with details and I will provide a price. Prices are subject to change with complexity.

A commission will be started once payment is confirmed.


When requesting, please be sure to provides DETAILED information about your character as well as some reference images or screenshots, these are VERY helpful! The more detail the better!

For the moment, prices will be discussed based on the picture complexity and style (see choices above). Smut will be more expensive than a basic picture and will not be public (requester choice) or portfolio applicable.

Full Body

[spoil]Full Body - Basic Colouring


Half Body/Bust

[spoil]Half Body - Basic Colouring


Smut - Fully Body

Smut - Half Body


(For smut examples, please see stream or message)


-------------------------------- Waiting List


1. Miya (Colouring)

2. Nahaara (Pending)





-------------------------------- Other Projects


- Circle of Influence *In Progress*



If you have any questions post here or send me a message~ <3

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