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New MMO - Chronicles of Elyria

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What is Chronicles of Elyria?



CoE is becoming the most dynamic and immersive MMO to date.

There is no leveling in Chronicles of Elyria. It will contain a closed economy, finite resources, non-repeatable quests, and a fully destructible environment. It is the first MMORPG where your character ages as you play, and eventually.. Dies.


YES! Your character will die. Permanently.



You may be asking yourself.. "Why would I play an MMO where I can permanently die?"

I'll tell you; Every character is important, no matter what role you play. In fact, there are no classes in Elyria. The skill-based system in play means you have the ability to be whoever, and whatever you want! For example, every city could use a Postman since there is no instant mail delivery system in CoE.


Be careful who you trust to deliver your letters though..If being chased by dogs as you try to give old Frank his weekly letter isn't for you, that's fine! You can be whatever you want, an adventurer, musician, merchant, even King or Queen! You just have to play the Social/Political way to get up there.. And if you're clever enough and a deviant, you can also impersonate other players to frame them for crime.


However.. every choice you make has an impact. Whether it bring fortune, or consequences.




Every game has a main story, as a player it is your duty to be a part of it.


This is no different in Chronicles of Elyria.But lets say you want to be a simple Jeweler, what does a Jeweler possibly contribute to a story by itself? Well, over a period of time, and influence from player-made choices, the game's storyline can actually change because of YOU!

For example, an adventurer comes into your Jewelry shop, and sells you a gem he found in a dungeon. You then take that gem and craft a unique necklace no one else can make. Then shockingly the Princess walks in adoring your creation, and purchases it, never to take it off! Brilliant!


But..Over the course of a few days the Princess' skin has started to go pale.. then suddenly she dies! How could that happen? Now the Kingdom can't unite the two Dynasties to bring peace! Well, because you! You crafted her a necklace from a gem that happened to be cursed! The King has you tried you as a witch, and has you executed. Fantastic!! Events like that will happen throughout Elyria. I know what you may be thinking. "That's dumb. Plus you didn't answer my question before. My character is dead, and I lost all my progress. Why would I play a game with perma-death like that?" What if I told you, you didn't really 'lose' your progress when you die?


The Soul Lives On.



When you die in Chronicles of Elyria your character's Soul is sent to the Akashic Records. Once there, it can be put into a new body for another chance at life. You can have more than one Soul to choose from, too!



A New Beginning.



Your soul retains everything it has learned in its past life(s).

You can choose a new beginning, location, and family, or if you had a child in your past life you can opt to take over that child with your Soul, to continue furthering your lineage. So now you have a younger body to continue on refining your skills, taking you further than what your first character could achieve before.

Dying is actually another mean of progression!


Making an Entrance.



If you don't have a Child, you have to choose between having a Familyor being a Ward of the State.


Each have their pros, and cons.





Your choice of Family is one of the most important decisions you could ever make. It determines your nobility, your wealth, reputation, and a lot of other important features like your genetics. Your characters abilities and starting skills will also be determined by your family, race and region!




You can also opt to customize all of those by sacrificing a family to be a Ward of the State. However, that might not be the choice for everyone. Even though you will start younger for more time, and can choose where to spend your skill points. You won't have any financial backing, no ties to a dynasty, or help when Spirit Walking (a way to get back to your body after a temporary 'death' named a 'Coup de grace')




Sometimes, there's rare genetic mutations. Albinism is one of them.

There's a chance during your character's customization that you may have one of these mutations, causing you to be more unique than your average John/Jane in the game.





When you're ready to enter the world, many opportunities will open in Elyria.


Anything is possible if you work at it.This is not your conventional MMO where you 'Choose a Class' and get pre-determined abilities at specific levels.

You define your character. You shape the world.


Sometimes the hardest part of an MMO is not feeling in touch with your character, whether it be the limitations of your class choices not suiting you, or the limitations of the game itself preventing you to be that unique being that you are.


CoE expects to break all of that apart.




If that wasn't enough to interest you, then just keep reading on.


In Elyria, legends tell of beings who may have special abilities. Those who possess these.. 'talents' wield within them power to change the world. But for better or worse? Some, but not many players may find themselves awakening such talents.


Equipping them with what is thought to be a myth; magic. Magic is feared in Elyria, due to it being vastly unknown and unpredictable.




You may one day find yourself underwater.. and that you do not need to come up for air. Or that your pet cat may speak to you, and you understand it.


That you may be able to indeed, become your cat through shapeshifting.Players who have awakened or discovered a darker talent however, may find themselves vulnerable.. or invulnerable.


If you have a talent, it is very likely that you may find yourself in a situation that may change everything drastically, and not just for you. You may have to abandon your home, friends, and neighbors to save your life, or theirs.



Against the World.


Players affiliated with the darker side of the spectrum can commit atrocities. One such creature feasts on another player's soul, capturing it and transforming you.. into them.


Another atrocity is to rip one's soul from their being, placing it into a physical item. As long as their soul remains in the mortal realm, these beings are immune to death. However they will continue to age.. until they become a walking skeleton.


Against the hordes, you may also realize.. that not all things that die, stay dead.

In Chronicles of Elyria, it is possible to become a threat against all the other players, requiring multiples of people to take you down to restore balance.


Join our Community!



We need more people to help us shape Chronicles of Elyria into what it could be!


Join the discussion at https://chroniclesofelyria.com


Read more about the game with the Developer Journals here;https://chroniclesofelyria.com/blog


Sign up at the website, & Refer your friends! With enough influence you can get a free copy of the game, or more!


Check out DM 21 Gaming Youtube channel for more Elyria coverage!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOp8ZYQQyoBw-SIHixlIuUw


Stop by Our Facebook page and give us a like! https://www.facebook.com/chroniclesofelyria/


Feel free to help me out and use the Friend Code below if you join!


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