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The Keeper's Kiss First Date Auction!


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Did you miss out on spending some time with one of our beautiful staff members during our month long celebration of Valention’s? Fear not, The Keeper’s Kiss will be having a Date Auction to help to upgrade our house to a medium in the future so we can continue bringing your exciting new events in a bigger location. Hosted by Eorzea’s favourite dandy and bard, Marcellain Chevallier, our auction will be on on Friday, the 26th from 8 p.m E.S.T. The auction will take place in Menphina’s Respite, Ward 6, Plot 2 in the Lavender Beds.


Watch this space for information coming soon about the beautiful women and men of The Keeper’s Kiss being auctioned.


Please be aware this auction requires real gil. While The Keeper’s Kiss does have Courtesans in our employ, none of our staff members that are being auctioned are under any expectation to provide ERP during the date.


We look forward to seeing you on Friday!


- The Keeper’s Kiss

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