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I have an idea. Need help planning


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Hello everyone! I'm new to posting here in the forums, but I've been RPing in FF14 since a couple months after 2.0 launched. That being said, I've not planned many events in the past and I'd like some help putting one together.


Long story short it's an Eorzea-wide battle royale in a similar vein to that of TYPE-MOON's Fate/ series. I don't know if people have done this before in the past, and if they have, my apologies for producing an old idea.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Fate/ series, the premise is there is a wish-granting Holy Grail that is fought over by seven mages who summon the heroic spirits of historic legend such as King Arthur and Alexander the Great as their servants.


Granted, I know this premise is inherently flawed as the history of Hydaelyn is relatively unknown to us so there is little to draw on in the form of heroic spirits. So, I would rather change the idea to regular adventurers for the sake of simplicity and opening it up to as many people as possible.


If anyone is willing to help me brainstorm ideas (rules, guidelines, OoC and IC management, etc.) it would be very much appreciated. I don't want to overlook anything.

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I enjoyed the show when I saw it, and the idea itself was always an interesting story concept. Especially how it could grow so intricate since it could take heroes from the past and future.


In this case for Eorzea? I don't see it working. Though maybe instead closer to a tournament of teams with one being more of a fighter and the other more of a 'handler' or guide through the combative process. Teams of two, that sort of thing. *shrugs*

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I have seen this sort of a grand hunt/open world competition done in other games and it can be pretty fun if you have good teams. :) Of course, it wouldn't be a 1:1 analog, but say you set something up with a prize to be one, multiple two person teams, some rules governing what is and is not acceptable during the fighting, and then let people cut loose.


Granted, given the scope of the MMO, you might need to do something like have everyone in a linkshell together so we get a rough idea of where to look. :)

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