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Hello everyone.


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Hmm...how should I start?


Well, let's see. I'm a long time roleplayer that started out with various tabletop games like 1st Ed AD&D and progressed to MMOs. I've played a whole bunch of MMOs but the two that I stuck with over the years were WoW and CoH. And the only reason I stuck with those two were due to the roleplay communities in both games (yes, there is a fairly large RP community in WoW).


I've done my share of leading guilds, being a member, developing and managing multi-arc storylines for others and my characters. It's what I enjoy about MMOs and it's the main reason why I play them. Right now, I'm between MMOs since I've grown tired of WoW and CoH is gone.


Ironically, FFXI is not one of the MMOs I've played. The forced grouping pretty much scared me away because my schedule is fairly late and it can get tough for me to find a stable base of players to group with. But I always loved the art direction and the fantastic world that is Vana'diel. So when FFXIV came around, I gave it shot since again, I loved the art.


Sadly, like many, the game didn't impress me enough to stay so I returned to my old faithful (WoW). But now, here I am again, hoping that FFXIV will be my new home and where I can craft new and exciting stories for my character. I hope to be involved with the RP community here and look forward to seeing how things develop here.


I should also add that I have never played any other FF game in the past. I am a FF newbie in every sense of the word.

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Well, you're going to be in for quite a treat, in my opinion~

Final Fantasy is a great series, and with the great strides Yoshi-P has made towards returning XIV to the series' roots, you'll be sure to get a healthy dose of what a Final Fantasy really is this time around.


Good to have you!

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Great to have you, Silverblade! I can definitely sympathize with your FFXI experience. Playing that game was more of a struggle than it should have been, and I had the misfortune of going to a server that had almost no roleplayers that I could find.


Glad to have you aboard, though! Looking forward to seeing you around. :)

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