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The Keeper's Kiss First Ladies Night!

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To celebrate the Little Ladies event, The Keeper’s Kiss is proud to present its first Ladies Night! In typical Keeper’s Kiss fashion we will be having a cabaret to showcase the best male* talent Eorzea has to offer. From bards to strippers, they’re all here to perform for the beautiful ladies of Eorzea. Best of all it’s free!


Time: 8 p.m est


Date: Friday the 11th, March


Place: Menphina’s Respite, plot 2, 6th ward, Lavender Beds.


Entry fee: None, but donations are appreciated.


Please be aware this an 18+ event. It will have mature themes such as nudity. 


*and a few lady performers


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A new set of cards is now floating about the cities. A portrait of a devilishly handsome man dreaming of his adoring fans… or maybe just casting envy to them for being able to dream about him. On the front is a hand-written sentiment and a dramatic signature while on the back is the details of a Ladies Night to be held on Friday the 11th at 8pm at Menphina’s Respite. 

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Bump! This is tomorrow. We're getting excited here at Kiss. Head over to our tumblr to see us celebrating with some hot reblogs of guys, including our performers tomorrow night.

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