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Looking for connections.

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Looking for LS or just connections in general for R'theqe. He's a professional monster hunter who specializes in drinking. He likes to go dungeon diving and secretly loves learning about old relics/legends/lore. He's sarcastic and easy going, and don't see right or wrong, so all types are welcome!! He believes people should follow their hearts, and all the consequences that come with it.

Going to leave a snip here. Hope its the right place! 




R'theqe walks into the Quicksand, flask in one hand and a parchment in the other. He scans the immediate area, noticing a plathora of individuals. His sky blue tail wags slightly bag and forth, brushing against the cold stone wall of the entrance. His eyes furl, as he taks a swig from his flask. Finishing, he wipes the booze of his lips, using his fur as a napkin. 


R'theqe makes his way toward to post board, his steps slightly out of sync. He tried to his best to walk seem sober, but made it hard with each body he bumped in to. He took his time, until he made it to the board, leaned on it for balance, and sighed with relieve. From his pocket he pulled an arrowhead, and stuck the parchment up. 



"Monster hunter looking for work. Will take any job. Will dungeon dive. Available for expeditions. NO MERCENARY WORK. MONSTERS/DUNGEONS ONLY. If you're interested for hiring a hand, speak with Baderom in the Drowning Wench located in Limsa Lominsa. Ask for Jax." 



R'theqe admires his work, putting on a faint smirk of accomplishment. He takes a look around one last time, before trudging his way out the door.

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