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  1. Hey! On Balmung here. I'd be down to RP some time when I'm on! Just PM me, or catch me in game as R'theqe Matoi. He's a pretty positive fellow, always finding a reason to smile. Pretty naive, and be too trusting at times. I'm sure he'd be happy to do business with ya, delivering any packeges ya may need sent elsewhere. Or even just be down for a drink!
  2. Thanks!! I'll give that tab a look. And I'd definitely be down for some RP! You can find me in game as R'theqe Matoi
  3. Hey all! Coming back to the game and was looking to get back into roleplaying. Wanted to make some friends or even join a free company. A bit about my character. His name is R'theqe Matoi. His is 25 years of age and his current occupation is delivering various types of packages. From physical gifts to a message to a lover, all across Eorzea. He's currently looking for more work, preferably to contract with an individual or group for a steady income. His alignment is Neutral Good, although he isn't above doing things not exactly lawful if it means work.
  4. [align=center]What Is The Crowns Guard?[/align] [align=center]The Crowns Guard: An ever growing alliance made up of smaller collectives known as Sects, who all want naught but the same thing, a free and prosperous Hydaelyn. Though their ideologies may differ, and at times clash, they all agree that injustice must be halted. [/align] [align=center]The Crowns Guard Alliance was founded by 5 individuals, each leading their own group on their own expeditions. Through travels and trials they met, and through working together came to the conclusion that each collective was beneficial where the others were not. [/align] [align=center]Recent events led to the departure of one leader, and the sullen death of another. Though they mourned, ever onward did they set their eyes, in hopes of finding individuals who dare dream their dream.[/align] [align=center]Why Join The Crownsguard?[/align] [align=center] The Crownsguard Alliance offers a fun, creative, and unique role-playing twist on what the idea of a free company is. Utilizing the idea of Sects, Multiple Factions within one Alliance, we open up room for RPers and characters of all types, from the most lawful of men, to those who may have a more violent out look on a free Hydaelyn. Each Sect acts as it's own group, running it's life, story, and expeditions independent from another. The Free company as a whole is meant to be a meeting and middle ground for each Sect, rather than one organization sharing similar ideologies. No longer will you have to pass up and keep looking for a home. No matter what you rp style is, we have a spot for you![/align] [align=center] http://i.imgur.com/FTF10S3.png[/img] Rauffe Bell, Airship captain and Queen of the White Hawk Coterie[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/Ya9MOYs.png[/img][/align] [align=center]Nergui Nergui, Arms dealer and King of the Gold Coast [/align]
  5. Smugglers welcome!! The more the merrier!! I'll shoot you a friend request when I log in the game, and we can pick up from there!
  6. Go ahead and send your name away once your finished!! Welcome to FFXIV!
  7. That'd be cool!! R'theqe has combat and bow experience but why fight when you could someone to do it for you, amirite? But I'd be done to making connections, hiring a guard for my official goods (and no so official meetings.) She's not adveresed to occasionally wearing masks/hiding identities, right? Lol
  8. Interested in seeing what this is about and joining of you guys are still active. I have a miquo'te who's recently taken up smuggling and can't wait to get his hands dirty.
  9. Hello!! Always interested in making new friends. Lendrenel could always make use of friend with your talents, weather it be to hire your services, or learn how to fight from those who live it. Lendrenel is always quick to make any Ishgardian connections, so that's a plus as well.
  10. Looking for more RP friends/connections for either of my characters. R'theqe is a sly, slick of the tongue Miqu'te who is already ready to chat his way into the world. Officially, he has his hands invested in small shipping companies throughout the city states, hoping to start his own. Unofficially, he is trying to be the next up and coming smuggler, with a base of operations in Limsa. If either of his professions interest you, or maybe you just looking for a chat and a pub buddy, he's your man...err...cat. Landrenel is an Ishgard born retainer to a minor noble house, who left Ishgard with the heir to the house to learn about the world outside. He loves reading, knowledge, and learning new things, and have an obsession with Sharlyan anything. The more people he knows, the more his knowledge grows, the happier he is. (This one is more of a work in progress). Hope they sound interesting enough to make friends @.@
  11. R'theqe - Talks to himself sometimes. He's often speaking quickly so it sounds like rumbling to most people. -The only way he remembers people is by giving them a nickname (whether he calls them it or not). Otherwise, they are like faces in the wind. Landrenel - Is particular about how he orders his books. He keeps them in alphabetical order, by date published, and by relevance to a particular person, place, or thing. - The first thing he does when he walks into the room is wipe the furniture with his glove. Those years of stewardess is getting to him.
  12. One of the biggest things I have trouble with is random pub RP. My character is by no means shy and is often in pubs, but when it actually comes to me walking up I always have this short moment of "What do I say." I always end up deciding "Hey how ya coin" wouldn't be enough to keep the RP going in a steady pace, and just forget it all together.
  13. Hey there! Welcome to ffxiv! Hope you're enjoying your experience. I used to have the same issues when I first started, not being able to access balmung. I found the best times to try (if you're up for it) are the hours directly after a patch, and during peek hours. (For me its around 5 a.m. EST) whichever server you play on hope you have a grand time, and if you ever do get into Balmung, see if I'm and shoot me tell for some rp!
  14. Looking for LS or just connections in general for R'theqe. He's a professional monster hunter who specializes in drinking. He likes to go dungeon diving and secretly loves learning about old relics/legends/lore. He's sarcastic and easy going, and don't see right or wrong, so all types are welcome!! He believes people should follow their hearts, and all the consequences that come with it. Going to leave a snip here. Hope its the right place! R'theqe walks into the Quicksand, flask in one hand and a parchment in the other. He scans the immediate area, noticing a plathora of individuals. His sky blue tail wags slightly bag and forth, brushing against the cold stone wall of the entrance. His eyes furl, as he taks a swig from his flask. Finishing, he wipes the booze of his lips, using his fur as a napkin. R'theqe makes his way toward to post board, his steps slightly out of sync. He tried to his best to walk seem sober, but made it hard with each body he bumped in to. He took his time, until he made it to the board, leaned on it for balance, and sighed with relieve. From his pocket he pulled an arrowhead, and stuck the parchment up. "Monster hunter looking for work. Will take any job. Will dungeon dive. Available for expeditions. NO MERCENARY WORK. MONSTERS/DUNGEONS ONLY. If you're interested for hiring a hand, speak with Baderom in the Drowning Wench located in Limsa Lominsa. Ask for Jax." R'theqe admires his work, putting on a faint smirk of accomplishment. He takes a look around one last time, before trudging his way out the door.
  15. If you're into monster slaying you can go ahead and hire R'theqe!! He loves those kinds of job and dungeon diving. And getting himself mixed in with...questionable types. I'll get around adding ya next time I'm on. Hope to slay some BAMs with ya!
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