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Recently converted player here! I was finally convinced by a friend to play this game after a year or two and I've been on Balmung for nearly three months now, enjoying what the game has to offer, and trying to pick up on lore and important tidbits here and there. That being said, I think it is safe to say that I am in a reasonable enough spot to start testing the RP waters for something extensive and fun without sounding like a complete dolt who doesn't know the world. 


My character is currently in an FC with some lovely people but I'm very much hoping to reach out to various other FC members in-game, or any interesting forum-based scenarios. I'm seeking to build my knowledge of the realm, be it through RP or any information I might dig up from the dark crevices of the FFXIV world. "Tavern RP" is fun and all, but only as a small portion of what I'd like to experience with other folks. Adventure, background story development... please feel free to hit me up with ideas! My own personal creation is in the works but I would very much enjoy becoming involved in other events/groups. 


Just looking to make a few (long-lasting) friends as I continue to play FFXIV for the foreseeable future. :D

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