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Primal Urges

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So not knowing where else to post this, but having to share it with the world, I bring to you Tzero Ondai's masterpiece: Primal Urges. I did not write this work of art, I am merely spreading its light to the world. ENJOY!



They say all across the land that all that you need

to conjure your desire is some faith and some creed

but I just can't master this eorzean art

cuz try as I might I can't summon your heart


But that's okay baby, my cup's still half-full

like half this fuckin server let's keep it casual

I'll be Good King Mog and I'll lower my guard

And you be Ravana so I can Thok that ast hard


If I was hung like Thordan would you be my girl

If you were leviathan would my dick be your whorl

I know you got your eyes on Sephirot and not me

But you haven't even seen my extreme Striking Tree


Titan's a beefcake, can't lie, I'm a fan

But when you're around he just can't be my man

So I would, if I could, break his heart just for you

But I don't think that I would survive his phase 2




I'll be Ifrit, hot as hellfire, get us a room

Feel my love erupt in you like a radiant plume

Do you have Limitless Blue balls, or are you dry as Void Ark?

Then let me slap your ass so hard it'll leave a Bismarck


So say yes to my ready check, baby don't be a fool

If you're down then the boss won't be the only thing I pull

No strings attached, you're not the cuddling type

You'll be gone like a healer after one Alex wipe



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