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Forum Cleanup


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As we prepare for the new site launch slowly but surely and as we prepare for the launch of A Realm Reborn, it'll be high time for a major site cleanup. Due to us transferring the forum database to a NEW database structure, I want to trim down its size now before the transfer.


Included in this cleanup involves three things:


1) Removal of inactive site members.

2) Removal of hundreds of posts.

3) Removal of old wiki.


The criteria for the above being removed will be as follows:


Members: Anyone not active on the forums since 2010 or 2011 who additionally have either zero or a very tiny handful of posts. Those who have posted a profile page, even if that was their only post, will NOT be deleted. Those who have made other posts that are deemed as "contributing to the community" will NOT be deleted. Accounts found to be duplicates will be deleted. Names that other RPC members request to NOT be deleted will be spared. The estimated number of users to be deleted is around 250 right now.


Posts: The majority of purged posts will largely come from the admin section of the forums, where previous posts from the last cleanup were archived. Most of these posts have no relevance any longer. Other posts to be purged throughout the forum will only be few and mostly include some old posts from the Welcome Desk, Headlines, Lounge, and possibly the Observatory and Assembly Room. Posts that are deemed significant, even if just for records purposes, will not be removed. Posts attached to users being deleted will also be removed. I am carefully setting conditions so that these posts being removed from threads do not cause any gaps within said threads. The estimated number of posts to be deleted at this time is around only 2,500 out of the almost 20,000 posts we have.


Old wiki: The old wiki will be deleted in its entirety. Beforehand, any old profiles not transferred to the new wiki will be archived in a safe place in case the user returns and wishes to access the information.


I will gradually release patches of members to be deleted from our database in this thread. Should you see a name you wish NOT to be deleted, please simply post in this thread with a reason and the name will be removed from the list. I suspect about 98% of the listed names will not be recognized by anyone. I am going through this list very carefully. As such, it will take time to post the full list. Below include the users with names starting with A-C, as I have not fully combed through anything beyond that yet.


All of these cleanup efforts will occur several days prior to the new site's launch in order for a smoother transition with the database.


A-C Users

[spoil]-Aamalthea (duplicate account?)




-Aki Sakata










-Arelian (duplicate account?)

















-Byrg (duplicate account)


-Cankiie (duplicate account) -- The other account, Cankiie123 will be renamed Cankiie





-Chi Mai











Total members: 49[/spoil]

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D-J Users

[spoil]-Darkodin Nargacuga









-DogberryMessina (duplicate account?)


















-Fiddler Crab









-Geruvah (duplicate account)




-hanmiaofeng1234 (bot?)





-Higgs Boson





-Inhiko Toyo






-Jekhar Mok











Total members: 67[/spoil]

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K-M users





-Kaln Dryden
















-Konufis Lem




-lanshan75 (bot?)

-Lavin Ashfield


-Leo Izanagi

-Leon Eisen




























-mocanguandend (bot)

-Moonshadow Darkly (duplicate account)


-Mtoto Wamoto (duplicate account)




-Myllor Aurelion (duplicate account)


Total members: 65[/spoil]

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N-S Users




-Nayuki Mikoshi




-Niteshade_x (duplicate account)




-Old Justice




-PakaPaka (duplicate account)




-Pepper Marks


-Pikkle Dilly


-Pipsy Lililoo



-pplolo2012 (bot?)


-Puar Felward





-Raven_Bludwyn (duplicate account)






-Renik Vaarchas




-Rhomagus Asclepiot (duplicate account)







-Rune Winchester











-SecretAgentCat (duplicate account)

-Seigfreid Morgoth

-seleneartemis (duplicate account)



-Shadowmere (duplicate account)

-ShadowyFigure (duplicate account)

-Shamad Conde (duplicate account--already merged)



-ShienSarvong (duplicate account)






-Soas (duplicate account)




-Sora Albrecht





Total members: 86 (-1 that's already merged = 85)[/spoil]

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T-Z Users

[spoil]-Tayn Zolin


-Terror of death



-The Avatar of Blue



-Time_Compression (duplicate account)





-Tovu Marack


-Twilight Sea










-Vana Durga (duplicate account)






-Viator Rex







-Wrin (duplicate account)








-YG Linna








Total members: 54[/spoil]


Total members overall scheduled to be purged: 320

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Forum cleanup will take place on Jan. 18th ( 2 weeks from this posting date). If there are any modifications you want to suggest for the above lists, speak now or forever hold your 2 gil.


The database will likely not be cleaned up again like this in the future, as the host server has verified with me that database size is not that relevant to them. The only reason this purge is taking place is to make the transfer easier and to get rid of a lot of old and dated information from a now non-existent game.

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Almost all of the posts to be deleted have already been moved to the admin section. So anything you see now is pretty much safe ;) . Not deleting too many posts really. You'll probably see a significant dip in the Artisan House post count after the purge but that's it. That's only because of the two crazy big stickies there with over 400 posts total that are going to be deleted.


Off-topic sorta kinda...but just FYI to everyone, the new RPC site is very close to being done.

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Bumping the database cleanup to tomorrow instead of Friday. Reason being: I work all day Friday and it'll be rough to get enough time to do what I need to do. Forums will be down briefly during this time. Note: This is NOT the launch of the new site. It's just the pre-cleanup. A post with some details about the forthcoming site overhaul will be up tomorrow though, along with some other slight modifications to this current site in preparation for the upcoming 3 year anniversary of the RPC :D

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