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Partners in Crime LF FC

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J’takra Tia and Oyuu Dataq are partners in crime and after months of doing fuck-all, they finally decided it’s about time to look for a job. These particular characters are rough around the edges, J’takra with a sharp tongue and loud attitude and his quiet companion Oyuu is a cynical mage that tries to keep Tak out of trouble for the most part. 


OOC you have an English and a Scottish person who are looking for a new FC to make connections and stories with for these characters. We’re both experienced RPers and have been playing the game for a long while. 


What we are looking for in terms of an FC are:

- Fairly active RP scene with PvE and PvP thrown in.

- An EU friendly FC, Oyuu’s player works a 9-5 job and can only really stay up late to RP with the Yanks on the weekend.

- A neutral aligned FC, and not particularly ‘lawful’ – both characters are Chaotic Neutral and aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

- A nicely decorated house. 


We’re leaning towards themes along the lines of crime and/or magic, those are both characters’ interests right now. But this is something we’re quite open on, as long as the roleplay is interesting and it draws Tak and Oyuu in naturally. So give us your best sales pitch and feel free to shoot any questions our way. Thanks for reading!

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