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LF Raen to play Othard sellswords after my Au Ra!

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Furukane Uta (First name Uta) is a Raen/Xaela cross, who is the heiress of a noble family's inheritance. However, her mother, who believes she is a shame to the family, has heard rumors that Uta is to be wed and wants her captured and brought back to Othard, where she comes from.

Uta is also looking for friends, but right now I am more looking for people to play the sellswords, OR play her Xaelan family (must be from the Bayaqud tribe!).


That said, if you are interested in ANY kind of friendship or interaction with Uta even besides the above, please look at her wiki and see if you're interested! It needs updating just a little but here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Furukane_Uta


PM me or reply below if you're interested. Thank you! <3

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