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What do the Twelve think of each other?

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At least in the view of the various Eorzeans who worship them - i.e. I'm after information that could be overheard or researched by a character. Obviously the "veritable truth" of such information is questionable, but I'm specifically after in-world beliefs and superstitions. It's for a fanfiction (sort of) where some characters discuss the Twelve with one another. So when I say "what X thinks of Y", I mean "what the common in-universe belief or tale is about their relationship".


I'm especially interested to know about Byregot, the Builder; and Halone, the Fury. I understand they're brother and sister, both being children of Rhalgr, the Destroyer; but I haven't had much luck trying to find information about what they think of one another. Given Byregot's... difficult relationship with his father, I don't think it's a given that they even necessarily like each other; or perhaps they both agree their father's a brute, and are allies in that regard. I don't want to make assumptions either way and end up making a fool of myself when there's already lore that says otherwise.


But I also want to know about the others. What Halone thinks of their father, Rhalgr. Likewise, what Halone thinks of Byregot's deference to Thaliak, the Scholar (the father of her rival, Nophica the Matron); whether Nophica and Llymlaen, the Navigator have a good relationship with their father or not, and what each thinks of Byregot, their father's student; what Byregot thinks of his little sister's friend, Oschon the Wanderer; what Halone and Menphina the Lover think of one another; and so on and so forth.


This diagram contains what I know so far of their actual relations (assuming I didn't get anything wrong again like I did in the first iteration of this darn thing):





(Plus Llymlaen being unimpressed with Oschon, but that didn't seem worthy to add on its own. :P )


So I'm interested in info on what colours those relations, and how amiable (or not) they are.

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Pulled straight from the RPC Wiki's page on the Twelve (no credit listed, unfortunately; I'd love if someone could come forward and confirm where this came from):





This other diagram from Gamerscape is a bit more interesting, considering that someone went through the effort of indicating whether each deity falls under an Astral or Umbral moon:







I'll have to step back and allow others to fill folks in on lore re: the Twelves' relationships with one another. That said, some interesting things to note:


  • Nald'thal is actually two distinct deities - the twin brothers Nald and Thal - who are revered and worshiped as a single manifestation. This is hardly the first time we've seen such a thing in fictional mythology, let alone real mythology. Tolkien's Lorien and Mandos come to mind. When considered in this light, the Twelve is actually a misnomer: Nald and Thal make the count Thirteen. This is also in keeping with most fictional mythologies, considering the superstitions surrounding the number 'thirteen' and its common association with god(s) and/or goddess(es) of death.... which, HEY, happens to be Thal.


  • The last king of Ala Mhigo - Theodoric, the King of Ruin - attempted to justify his right to rule by claiming that such was divinely decreed by Nymeia. Erik, the scholar (lowercase 'S') who relays this to us in-game, actually notes that Nymeia is wife to Rhalgr. That has some... interesting implications, considering how all the diagrams we have list the Destroyer as servant/attendant to the Spinner. Theodoric went on to ban any mention or depiction of Rhalgr and the others of the Twelve in order to promote Nymeia and therefore his own supremacy to the Fist of Rhalgr, a powerful religious organization. The fallout from that would have been rather fascinating to observe, considering all the various minutiae and interplay between wife & husband / mistress & attendant / master & servant.

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