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Wiki code: tab template questions

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So, i'm trying to use the wiki template  as a way to structure my wiki around tabs like many already do.


It's super easy to use, works well enough, but... Is there a way I can change its style through CSS? I'm starting to feel it's hardcoded somewhere and not really accessible, but would there be alternatives...? I'm a bit out of ideas...


If not, I guess it'll do like it is though. No big deal but it can clash with the whole page style, thus why i'm asking... I will have to keep my page looks accordingly if there is no solution, and if there is, then I can do it the other way around by adapting the tab styles to the whole page.


Not sure if i'm being super clear...

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The Headertabs extension is a rather interesting device, as what it does is use jQuery to rewrite the page in the browser to convert the headers in the DOM into jQueryUI tabs. This is why it doesn't play nice with a lot of custom formatting that users like to put on their pages. Since it's client-side JS, and we don't allow users to add custom JS to their pages for security reasons, there's not really anything that can be done by a user.


It is possible to extend it the plugin with custom CSS styles ("skins"), either loaded in the site's common CSS or from files on the server. However, this is something that'd have to be set up for everyone in advance, and I don't think anyone wants to get into the business of modifying the site CSS every time someone wants a small tweak to the colors of their tabs. :)


As a side note, I'm aware of Extension:CSS and Extension:NewPageCSS for page-specific stylesheets. These introduce some technical wrinkles, such as disabling some of our caching because of how they work, but they also introduce the possibility of enterprising users rewriting the entire site style in their pages. CSS loaded on a page can, for instance, eliminate parts of the UI, move around UI parts, and generally make the site harder/impossible to use, and that's why we've never installed these extensions. For that level of control, I recommend hosting the character page elsewhere; part of the value of the RPC wiki is that there's a somewhat unified interface outside of the content area.

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Yeah no i'm not going to modify the whole wiki that way for the reason you added, and i'm not really looking into much. Just changing colors and borders and whatnot for those tabs...


I stumbled on that though. But yeah, I don't want to bother with those things.


I just wondered if there was another tab tool available, if not, it's totally fine, i'll do with that one!

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Aha! That's a new extension and not the one we use. We actually use Extension:HeaderTabs, because the original use case was people marking sections off with headers and having them magically turn into tabs.


I'll install Extension:Tabs and see if they're compatible and if they work together. :) Most likely they're exclusive on the same page -- if you use , you can't use .


EDIT: It looks like that's the case. You can use Extension:Tabs (as explained at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Tabs/Usage) but it's not compatible with headertabs; if you turn on HeaderTabs with the tag, then you can't use , and vice-versa. I think that'll get what you want without breaking other people's pages. :)

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Ok, wonderful! It works neatly and I managed to get the most of what I could out of it on my wiki. Only thing you can't do apparently is to access the css style for the tab buttons themselves (but the font can accept the container styles though).


Which is just a minor detail.


Thanks again for the support!

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I may have a question, if of course someone has the time to look at it... Well, I know my css, xhtml, etc, and all, but I am having trouble with their nested tabs with that tabs extension.


I seem to be able to insert nested toggleboxes in tabs through the parser function (kinda...? not sure). But i'm having no luck to insert tabs into tabs...


I don't think I get the syntax or what I should exactly write with that parser function. It's weird and I don't know anything about that kind of code. For now I have been mostly trying things blindly but it doesn't seem to work sadly...?

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