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Tree of Savior official Grinding Appreciation Thread

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Hello all. 


Anyone else playing Tree of Savior? I'm playing a sword person on the server that starts with a K.


If anyone wants to murder korean monsters with me send me a line. So far it's pretty fun to play on a gamepad like an action rpg. The launch was pretty spotty, but now that's mellowing out I'm having fun. 


It's in early access for the next month, but after that you should be able to do Free to Play.

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Had fun in the beta, probably going to pick it up eventually.. never could decide on a class though. :<

Sword Lady!


is berserker still ridiculous tho? i was looking at sadhu/druid back then but i heard it got nerfed

I have no ideas what I'm doing so I took two circles in sword lady. I'll be a bezerker someday.

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