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  1. A friend's smaller sized FC is running an event at 10PM eastern on the 22nd of this month, and they could use some help with bartending and/or catering. If anyone is willing or know someone who might be, please drop me a message!
  2. Yeah, that's the part I'm worried about since the crystal medium seems like it would be something unique to Red Mages. I was hoping to get away with it by saying it's just part of the ensemble since the little chocobo doesn't look like anything special.
  3. Is the sword and crystal medium combo restricted to red magic/mages? 'Cause.. I'd like to have a character use the chicken knife as a generic spellsword or something rather than roleplaying an actual Red Mageā„¢.
  4. at least make them fill out an application to be your in-game waifu first
  5. The Qestir do seem to have their own written language as shown in one of the Reunion sidequest lines. Traders are given a "piece of vellum with Qestiri markings" to show that they're allowed to trade in Reunion. Whether this shows that the Qestir allow for written words, or if it's simply an exception to accommodate foreign traders is up for interpretation. Oddly enough, I read into that as being more as having, like... a wax seal of approval. There isn't actually Qestir language in long-form there, just them putting their stamp of approval on someone being there. More like a signatur
  6. monhun on the pc that's not in chinese and stuffed full of spyware yes please
  7. everything i read about getting a perfect stat chocobo makes it sound like it's going to be soul crushing and i'm not sure i'm ready for that
  8. I've got your free kupo nuts right here, kupo!
  9. Most of the performances you'll see are people who have made macros beforehand, or at the very least have their acts prewritten somewhere to copy and paste. If you're looking for something that would make you stand out from the crowd, I'd suggest writing your own original material. A lot of the performances tend to just be macros containing lyrics that are either word for word taken from existing songs, or have been altered slightly into a lore-friendly parody. Interaction with the crowd is probably another good one. Add in bits to your macros that involve someone in the audience with . Pe
  10. Tor is giving out free ebook copies of The Way of Kings on Thursday and Friday if anyone is interested.
  11. I'm hooked on Sanderson stuff. I love the novels themselves but I love the whole same universe, different planets thing going on there. Seeing things pieced together, seeing characters pop up from other novels. It makes for good re-reading material for me. also, stick memes
  12. What server is it on: Balmung Housing Area: Lavender Beds Ward + Room Number: Ward 3, Room 36 Owner's Name/Who to contact: Gustavain Muraudel(apt. owner) or Threed Crowley(IC owner) What the purpose is: A shrine dedicated to Nophica, the Matron.
  13. Signing up for round 2... Character Name: Threed Crowley Wiki link/short description: No wiki. Middle-aged, traditional gridanian tree hugger, self-taught potionmaker/salesman, sleezebag. Have you completed the MSQ up until end of 3.4: Yes My character should be anonymous: Either works
  14. Is it restricted to the races/beastmen? Could a duck have the echo?
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