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HELP WITH HAIR: An opinion on character design!

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Hello! I am very, VERY picky when it comes to designing characters, and I have been back and forth with Olixandre's hair for a while. She doesn't have a profile yet, but I'd like for her to be my main here!


She is a young, smol, Hyur midlander witch who I'm thinking will begin her story by arriving in Ul'Dah for the first time in pursuit of a better life (as opposed to selling potions and jewelry on the streets of Limsa), but that's all up in the air. My original intent was to have her hair be prematurely gray, but I'm not sure if that's overplayed / will wash the rest of her out, as she has gray / silver eyes. So I figured--brown! But I thought she looked like a librarian. Everyone and their mother seems to have black hair, so I avoided it despite liking the contrast between it and her eyes. Style-wise, I wanted her to have thick hair, but the thickest option I've found was the bob, but I'm not sure about that either. DDD; Opinions? Suggestions? Groans of annoyance? XDD


These are what I have so far:








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:'DD Thank you both! After sitting on the brown for a bit, I think it's beginning to grow on me too! I decided on a slightly warmer shade, though.




Olixandre Blaque has an official hair color now ~ ^-^ Now, to develop her as a character. xD

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