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New Dawn (EU Friendly Adventuring Company!)

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*you see a poster taped to the wall within your local adventurers guild, seemingly to be written in elegant, yet translatable  handwriting*



"Calling all those who want to live life to the full, have a career exploring eorzeas very depths, traversing ruins, discovering new lands and fighting the foes that threaten its existence?! Join the New Dawn today!. For good payment from our clientele and the companies coffers, you will have a multitude of jobs from our vast array of clients who need YOU to protect, rescue, escort or cull, TODAY!"



"As well as doing jobs small or large, we pledge ourselves to being able to help protect Eorzea from threats that may threaten her safety, as a force that goes among its own delegation we are able to help the defense should the time come to pass! For anymore information See us in the Mists, Ward 6 plot 27!



*at the bottom of the poster you see a few map chartings of the house, as well as several spots where rounds are made*





-------------------------------OOC INFO------------------------------------------------



We at the New Dawn are a heavy roleplaying Adventuring group with morals that intends to pledge its services to the roleplay community as both an FC as a linkshell, which means you do not need to be in our guild if you want to join in the events we have lined up for you! We are a friendly group of people that also are free to be hired by guilds if they have any requests for the guild to partake in.


Requests given by both players and made by ourselves will be posted on the job board we will be creating at a later date, but until that time we will be giving out jobs if players visit myself or any of the higher ranking Dawnrider that have access to the job board, these give a lot of ideas for people who want to start there own things as well as keep the immersion going by having roleplay going out around the events that go out of the casual roleplay also.


There will be 2 or 3 events per week so far, which will be in the forms of standard adventuring contracts, to events based on the current events of the game!, Adding to that we will also have events around our every own guild plotline, so we have a lot to offer!


Until we have a house, we plan to travel and make use of the in game world outside of the districts to rest down and make base which we will change on a weekly basis, you can also expect the jobs we partake in to be based around that area/nation too, so keep your eyes out!


Take in mind also that even if you join, anyone is allowed to make events with us, so if you have a great idea for a grand adventure the guild could partake in, feel free to tell us and well get it known for you!



If you have any questions feel free to poke me (Von'ni Sayrillont) in game and ill be happy to answer any of your questions and sort out an IC interview, we also do regular town crying around the city states to get word of our guild, if your character wishes to respond to that too!

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