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I just want to basically get everyone up to speed and on the same page with this minor announcement. As it stands, we'll be having an official vote on defining the RPC starting on Sunday. There so far has been minimal input on the proposal I posted so I'm assuming there aren't a ton of major objections or modification requests. Regardless, I'll leave it open for discussion and examination until Sunday just in case. The voting, once opened, will extend for 7 days to give every coalition member a chance to cast their vote. I'm -assuming- it will pass but if it doesn't, we'll just redraft it, rediscuss it, and try again. So voting will start on the 7th and end on the 14th.


Assuming the RPC aproves it, I'll promptly get it up on the main site probably immediately after the voting closes. The plan is then to go public on the following day (15th). What does that mean? First, it means all the ads you see here and on the main site will be gone. Second, it means that we'll start getting (hopefully) flooded with new coalition members and supporters. And third, it means we'll probably become even -more- active. This is especially true since the assembly room will be unlocked. So my question is, is anybody opposed to us going public on the 15th? Do you think it's too soon or just bad timing in general? I do know it's the day after Valentine's Day but I would assume that wouldn't be a major factor unless you think the entire gaming community will be on weekend cruises or something xD. Personally, I was hoping SE would update the site one more time beforehand in order to increase enthusiasm and thus increase the number of people coming in. And they still could give us an update this week or next week. However, they may wait until Vana'Fest at the end of the month.


When we do go public, I plan to post on Zam, Core, and Eorzeapedia. Maybe KillingIfrit too. If there are any other sites we could utilize, please post them here. I don't have accounts on any other public gaming sites and would rather not make one just to plug our site/forums. Thus, people can speak up if they have an active account on any other sites and hopefully they can advertise us themselves.


So to sum it, we're scheduled to open the floodgates on the 15th unless there are major objections. And we need to coordinate where exactly to go and who to target.

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I always thought the site activity went down on the weekends. At least that's what it seems like. Most people know that there isn't going to be any big info leaked or announced over the weekend and thus don't bother checking major sites. It's also that way with even our own forums I noticed. The active users over 24 hours drops considerably from Friday to Sunday and slowly starts to go back up throughout the week days.

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Sorry I've been extraordinaryily busy in r/l lately and it might not let up anytime soon (family stuff going on on top of working 2 jobs and caring for my parents). So I may not be posting often.


Anyway I think it sounds like next week would be good for most people so I'd go with that. Premilinary rules/guidelines seem good. I think the process for removal could use a little more ironing out though.

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I don't have a lot of active accounts around the interwebs, but I do have an idea for how I might get the word out a little more once we "officially" launch. But I'm keeping mum about it for the moment. It'll be pretty obvious if it works out at all.

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Tomorrow is the big day! I will be making a post on both Zam and Eorzeapedia probably in the morning. One of our own members is going to be making the post on the Core forums. Due to the fact that he's a staff member there, our endeavors would likely look more real and serious coming from his mouth rather than any of ours.


If any of you know of any other community forums, feel free to post a link to us there starting tomorrow. In addition, feel free to change your signatures on all of these forums to provide a link to the RPC. And as Traydon stated above, word of mouth is also a crucial element to getting us out there as well. Our roster -should- start increasingly rather rapidly over the next couple weeks. If not, there's a serious problem >.>. Two weeks from now, I'm hoping to see us reach the 100 member goal, though I tend to shoot rather high in the goal department so we'll see if that happens or not. The numbers game will be semi-crucial to gaining SE's support a few months from now though so please keep that in mind.


Keep in mind that new FF14 info is slated for the 28th at VanaFest (or at least some kind of FF14 "event"). Any info that comes out then may help get people more excited afterwards. Thus, if anyone can casually bump our advertising threads a day or two after then, that would be great.


All we can do now is hope that the public is receptive to us. I'm tailoring my posts in a way that reaches out to hardcore and casual roleplayers alike, as well as just general RP supporters who may never actually RP themselves. Keep your fingers crossed!


Edit: I also just submitted the main site url to Yahoo, Bing, and Google. It may take a few days or a few weeks for it to show up on search engines though.

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