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Vicette - A stranger in a strange land

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[align=center]Vicette Chevaliaux[/align]


[align=center]Gentle            *            Empathic         *           Proper[/align]






Hello~ Some of you may have noticed Vi milling about Ul'dah recently, and it just now occurred to me that I have no search thread set up for her! So here we are. For those of you who would like to read a bit about her, you can pop into her





[align=center]Who she is[/align]



Vicette is an Ishgardian Noble

She is incognito as a traveler and very close-lipped about her origin

She is 26 years old

Currently found in the Ossuary, or in or around the Quicksand

She knows how to use a bow, but is non-combatant

Vi is an innocent






[align=center]What I'm looking for[/align]



Friends. Romance. Family. I intend this character to be heavy rp with a focus on her personal life. For those whom it may interest, she has two elder brothers and an elder sister. Please note that any foray into this territory will have to entail an Ishgardian character.

Knight: This role requires an intimate relationship that spans back to childhood, and can be left up to whether or not it skews romantic or platonic. Should this role be inquired about it would have to be a male Elezen.

[align=left]Friends are something precious and adored, if timidly gained. With a natural penchant for thinking the best of everyone, it's easy to acclimate any walk of life to her. Which may lead to some taking advantage of that kindness?

Scholars will find the best purchase with her, if you need someone to bounce ideas off of or are excited about your research. Mention it and she won't allow you to go for hours.

Those who tell stories are also big hits. Whether they're stories about your life, for the sake of the story, or even the history of your race/clan/group you came from she's quick to listen and even quicker to be genuinely interested.






[align=center]A bit about me[/align]


I am a multi-paragraph rper

Most of my time online is in the evenings and the weekends

I play on EST

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