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Thug For Hire Seeks To Hire Thugs

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Word of mouth travels faster than a bell 'round the Desert Jewel, from the ale-sopped tables of the Quicksand, through seedy alleys out tarnished gates, and to the battered doors of rural inns and rundown pubs near the edge of a faceless desert. Today's tide of rumors carries with it, amongst usual catch, a few modest mentions of a curious Elezen man, possessed of singular character and a disputable reputation. A dusty peddler near the stalls warns of one such personage, in the tale of a sly and persistent lad who carried himself with all the pomp and puff of a prince, but stalked the weary like a feral hound. Across the market, the Hyur merchant well-groomed and finely clothed in silk and satin, insists that he met a man who nearly fit the description, but that- appearances be damned- he was anything but a craven, and leant his aid readily, and with nary a demand! Others still, say that his eyes were cold and hard, like those of a road worn Hellsguard; a few more recall of him more jovial impressions. Then, as quickly as it came, the old gossip is swept away by a wave of new, and with it, all truth.





Hello folks! Consider this my formal introduction to your wonderful community. While I've been around for a while on and off, I'm just now working my way onto these forums.


The goal of this post is twofold. First, I would like to advertise the availability and services of my M/Heavy RP character, one Tassin Duval. As I prefer to hint as little as necessary to make an impression outside of natural interactions, I'll keep this brief: consider, a jack of all trades with an egregious penchant for latitude, and a discrete knack for doing what needs to be done, provided the price is right or the prize is good. Second, I want to express my interest in his meeting up with like-minded or similarly "employed" persons, clandestine or openly cutthroat, who might be persuaded to work together for greater gains and glory in return for a share of the risk! IC, these relationships could become formal or informal, but preferably regular associates (i.e., a band of brigands, highwaymen, and above all enterprising businessmen and women.) OOC, a simple association, linkshell, or even a brand new Free Company, if we liked. Feel free to PM or add and message me in-game, and we can mull over the details- or dive right in!


Thank you for the time of day. I sincerely look forward to making your acquaintance in-game.

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