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Hi folks! Just a couple questions


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Hi, I'm Chase! I'm not new to RP but have only been playing FFXIV a couple weeks and love it already. I transferred to Balmung to join my friend's FC, but it hasn't been active since I've joined and I've been eager to get my feet wet and maybe make some new RP buddies. I'm not interested in leaving my current FC, but the Quicksand is a little overwhelming for me, especially since I've never RPed on an MMO before. So I guess my questions are:

-How do you get over the "AAAAAH" factor of walking up to people? (assuming their search info says they're okay with walkups) My character Graham is a musician (busks for gil) and is looking for someone so he has a few reasons to approach people, but I'm a little worried I'm going to do it "wrong" somehow or come off as annoying/intrusive. I've been lurking around a little, I know the best way to get a feel for it is just to do it but.... AAAAAH


-How strict are people generally with lore-related stuff? I've been trying my best to make sure my character background at least jives with the story but I tend to forget or mix up details when it comes to that kind of thing. :( 


Anyway, I'd say I'm a medium RPer (I like to be in character but also enjoy just playing the game OOC sometimes) and I like casual RP but would also be interested in developing more long-term stories. If anyone would like to hang out with an awkward tree-hugging hippie of a Hyur, hit me up in-game at Graham Harper or through PM here! I hope to see you guys around! :D

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Welcome aboard Chase!



How strict are people generally with lore-related stuff?

It really depends.  There are a lot of jargon you'll seen thrown around.  From my experience most people who categorize themselves as 'Heavy' RPers tend to be sticklers for lore but there are a few points of contention that they don't always agree on (and often argue on this site about.  The best advice I can give you is if you don't know--ask!  I know for me personally I'm not someone who goes and reads every single quest there ever was written to verify everything I ever do but I tend to research specifics my character would know.  (For example if you want to know anything about the Twelve or the mythology of Eorzea I'm a great resource because my main is a Priestess.  If you want to know the details about the lore surrounding machinist... I'm not your gal)


Feel free to ping me (Evaleigh Cevas) or even Nailah in game sometime for an invite to the Heavy RP OOC LS.  One of the biggest (and greatest) resources about the LS is the ability to discuss lore-topics.  If you don't know--ask!  We're very friendly people and have a lot of different folks who can provide.  You can also ask specific questions on the forums if you'd like.


How do you get over the "AAAAAH" factor of walking up to people?


I'm not sure you can.  I'm the leader of a Free Company (Aldenard Leveworks), I am active in a large number of linkshells and I'm always and constantly fishing for new connections and ways to grow and collaborate.  I love to weave people together!


My best contacts usually come from walk-ups.  I've met a good number of long-lasting friends and rp partners this way but I'd say what's probably true for asking a girl on a date is true for establishing a new rp contact... you might try 100 times and get only 1 success but repetition makes it a little easier.


That said, in spite being a veteran roleplayer I still get that knot in my stomach and sometimes my apprehension gets the better of me and I'm not able to walk-up at all.  I usually try to make characters that would have a personality type or a -reason- to approach people to help ease myself into it and overcome my more naturally introverted self.


Evaleigh is a traveling healer and priestess who also tries to find new employees.  She approaches people to ask how they're doing, bless them and ask if they might be interested in "fair work for fair pay"


Sashana is a perky nut who likes to have fun and tease people.  She usually is the goofball that interjects the monotony of someone's routine just because it's "fun" to be different.  It's not out of her character to just walk up to strangers and prod them just to see how they respond.


I'm a little worried I'm going to do it "wrong" somehow or come off as annoying/intrusive

I can't speak for others but I appreciate the approach.  If you're being intrusive there are ways for someone to brusk you off icly.  I'm of the opinion if you're roleplaying out in public you're fair game.  If people appear to be rping in party or ignoring you, that's a good sign that they're not going to engage.


I doubt you're doing in wrong in fact it sounds like you're doing it exactly right



Check out the Linkshells page on this site.  They're a great tool for both IC and OOC reasons to find new connections outside of the Quicksand.

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Lo there!


As someone who has had a lot of trouble with the AAAAAH! hurdle myself, I think the best advice anyone can give you is to simply dive right in. Don't overthink it, don't dread the inevitable awkward interaction, and don't idealize the way it should be. Plot your in-character identity out to the smallest extent you're comfortable with, then improvise the rest. If you find yourself agonizing over every detail, improvise all of it! No matter where you end up, you'll always find folks there with you, wiling to take you in and meet you halfway.


There are about as many stances on lore as there are styles of RP. No one will press you into lore heavy interactions, and the majority of people out there seem to be light to moderate themselves, just vaguely referencing places, cultures, etc.


But seriously, why are you reading this instead of roleplaying right now? Go! GO! Shoo!



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