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Bookish miqo'te seeking friends

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I'm new to Balmung and I seem to be having a hard time making connections because of the nature of my character. He isn't an adventurer, or mercenary. He isn't shy, but also isn't particularly outgoing. I'd really like to find some other people to set up scenes with, and hopefully a few regular partners.


My character is L'ohba. He's a small, feminine miqo'te boy who's run away from home to find something to give himself worth. He's very bookish and knows a lot of things that are essentially useless because he has no opportunities to properly apply them and learn through experience. Ultimately, this kills his self-esteem and gives him a negative view of all his knowledge even though he loves learning. The more complicated aspects of his character, I prefer to keep for RP.


Currently he works at the Red Rain Bed & Breakfast as a host, and baker-in-training. He also enjoys frequenting the Ul'dahn markets so he can gush at the Thavnairian imports. Should give a lot of openings for interactions.

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I have a character that used to be shy and bookish, and now she's just not shy.


She is available for breaking other shy people out of their shells.


She also knows a lot of useless shit, so they can talk about useless shit all day!


I'll find you IG.  I play Fiona Cooper.

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