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Say hi to Shiva Primal!


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Originally Posted by Fernehalwes

Thal's Balls! These forums are hot enough to melt an ice goddess.


I suppose some of that might be due to slight lack of info in my latest Developers' Blog post. (Looks around... Crickets chirp...) Okay, I suppose most of that might be due to a slight lack of info in my latest Developers' Blog post.


So, I just wanted to pop in to clear things up.


The ZBrush models you see are a Work In Progress. The colors you see are mostly for aesthetic purposes so the designer's eyes don't bleed after staring at a grey blob all day, and the final textures will more than likely end up being a lot similar to what is shown in the original concept art. YAY!


Even with that said, works in progress are just that, and as the work progresses, Yoshi-P may have an epiphany and decide to give her a second head, convert one of her legs into a machine gun, and rename her Jezebel (hopefully not, though... At least the second head part...)


Either way, I apologize again for the confusion, and in future Dev Blog posts, we'll make sure that works in progress are properly tagged and branded.

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