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LF for Seeker of the Sun or Keeper to fill the role of a sister.

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As the title says, I am looking for someone who may be willing to play the role of an older sister to my Miqo'te. I have been thinking about this for a good while and have finally decided to at least give it a try and see how things may turn out. (One never knows until they try as some would say.) So here I am created this search thread to try my hand. I know this may not be the most creative of search threads but bare with me I have tried my best to get as much out as I could and again I am creating this and hoping for the best, nothing ventured nothing gained.


Sairen Lunaris is a Miqo'te of half Seeker of the Sun and Keeper of the Moon heritage who has been searching for his sister, born as W'Reitanei since their tribe was attacked and slayn by a group of tempered Amalj'aa. Only a few whom had not been at the village at the time of the assault had been spared, he and his sister included.It is possible that she may have changed her name, much like he has done. She would be at the age of 26 -27, tanned skin, black hair with red/ruby eyes. A woman who tends to be tough, outgoing yet knows when to take certain matters seriously, confident and very protective of her younger sibling. W'Reitanei is known for being one of the most skilled and versatile huntresses of their tribe. 


For more information on Sairen's tribe please feel free to have a look at his Wiki. If you have any question or if interested feel free to contact me ig, I am an open minded individual who is willing to work things out to get this to work. I am in the EST timezone for any who are wondering and I am mostly on during the evenings depending on my schedule.

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