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Tassin Duval

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I. Basic Info

  • Tassin Duval
  • That's all she wrote


II. RP Style

  • Generally Medium-Heavy MRP
  • Mutually agreed upon RP combat and injuries awaited!
  • IC Romance fine, ERP respectfully declined. Please also bear in mind, that I am not my character.
  • All other RP welcome. Families ties and close connections currently improbable, but the possibility is always open for discussion.
  • Emphasis of lore not important, so long as it is not deliberately contradicted. I am flexible on this.
  • All of the chat functions are potential tools. As far as etiquette goes, in group RP I prefer to let everyone have a turn to respond to the driving event(s) before progressing the story.

III. Other Info

  • USA based
  • UTC -7
  • [signal-Walrus] on Skype, [Technically Not] on Steam

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